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Criminal Minds: "The Big Game" Episode Reaction

Okay, so apparently I lied. There was a new episode of Criminal Minds tonight, directly after the Superbowl game. Considering it's on the same network, the transition from the game into the show was nicely done.

Criminal Minds - 2.14 - "The Big Game"

The BAU team are called onto a case where people are getting murdered based on religious punishments by a possible split personality murderer. Apparently the unsub is a supplier of labtop comupters and has installed video cameras where he can watch their every move (without them knowing it), and if any one of them commit any Biblical sin the vicious personality, supposedly the voice of his overzealous hounding father, tells the unsub to slit their throats. The viral videos are then downloaded all over the Internet, where audiences believe it's "movie footage" without knowing it's really a murder. He's literally punishing the sinners (i.e. adulterer Jezebel getting ripped apart and shredded alive by dogs).

This episode had me in anticipation, like whoa. First of all, the ending with AJ and Reid was suspenseful enough. I knew tonight was a special night for CM because it's a two-parter, leaving for Wednesday to finish it off, but damn it I dislike cliffhangers where characters I care about are in danger! I hope Reid and AJ are okay! Though I know AJ will probably fend for herself against those killer dogs, but Reid getting kidnapped by the unsub. Oh. Em. Gee. Cannot get more suspenseful than that. I wished they'd called for backup without going by themselves...haven't they learned nothing from horror movies? Anyway, so yeah.

Surprise guest-star: James Van Der Beek as the Unsub. I don't care what others say, he looked completely hot tonight, even for a disturbed split-personality murderer. His acting was top-notch, especially the ending scene. He played the vulnerable and psychotic role so convincingly. Much love for that.

Morgan dancing, getting his groove on. What more can a girl ask for? *wishes she could've danced with him*

Gracia = love. So much love for that girl, I swear.

Okay, our local news totally cut off the last five minutes of Criminal Minds. I was shocked! However they realized what they did and corrected themselves, and the last five minutes will be airing after the local news coverage. Thank goodness. Wednesday the second part will air, and believe me I'll be on pins and needles until it does. Poor Reid and AJ!

Oh, and Nelly Furtado will be guest-starring on CSI: New York? AWESOME!
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