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I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.

1. I'm incredibly giddy right now because: It's raining, OMGYAYS! That's my squee of the day, since we've had an unusual amount of months without it. Three days in a row we've been having nonstop rainfall, which according to weather reports it'll possibly last throughout the weekend. Again, they've been wrong before, so I'll enjoy this luxury while I can.

2. Anna Nicole Smith dies at 39. Pretty sure everybody has heard the news by now, but it's saddening nonetheless. Admittingly I didn't particularly pay much attention to the ANS media headlines over the years, however it's still shocking about her sudden death, especially since after all that's been happening in her life. She went through so much that sometimes I think people overlooked the fact that Anna Nicole was an actual human being behind the Hollywood glamstar. She endured a lot, especially last year with the death of her son, and recently with the birth of her daughter and everything. Shocking and depressing news to hear. RIP Anna Nicole Smith.

3. Multi-Fandom Incest Friending Meme and a Heroes Friending Meme. Go ye forth my minions, and spread the amounts of fandomish squees and love!

4. I'm probably going to be shoe-shopping and purse-shopping sometime this weekend, Monday at the latest. With purses I'm not entirely picky, although with shoes that's a different story. I do need high heels for dance (requirement for routine, as I just recently learned, but I'll explain that part later), and I'll definitely need an entire afternoon just to see which one I prefer, if I find anything that is. Sometimes stores can have very little variety, especially when I have a specific type of shoe in mind.
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