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Heroes: "Unexpected" Episode Reaction

More explanations with the symbols on the necks, interesting. Although I knew about the character of Hana, I didn't necessarily know about her appearance in the show until recently. Which reminds me that I should probably read up on the graphic novel online to catch up what the rest of fandom already knows. So far, I'm liking her. She's swift, fiesty, and mysterious, with a cool ability too. But that's only by first impressions from tonight's introduction to her, there could be more to her than meets the eye. And knowing this show, anything's possible.

I wanna give Claire a hug, and after tonight's episode along with the previous one she deserves some form and genuine comfort. The poor girl. The amount of emotion in this episode, and I'm betting she waited a long time to lash out, and I really don't blame her. She's gone through so much and without much to trust anybody. When she cried at the hospital it wasn't just pitiful tears, it was tears of frustration and anger towards her father and towards everything that's been happenig to her. She definitely needs answers, and I'm betting as we've seen the previews for the next episode she's about to get some real actual answers. For real, this time. She damn well deserves it, too.

That being said, Hayden Panettiere better win an Emmy for her performance. Seriously.

So there's was Lyle in this episode, as I was starting to wonder where he'd been hiding since the hiatus ended, but no Zach. That sucks. I love Zach.

Finally, Matt's storyline gets bumped into a direction of actual action! Teaming up with radioactive guy and Hana. Now there's something really unexpected, hence the title of the episode. That ending scene when they broke into the Bennet household, that was a beautiful moment. Things are taking off real fast, and I like that!

No Jessica/Niki tonight. Boo. Well, actually it makes sense due to the previous episode it was more focusing on Jessica and her mission of assassination. So it evens things out.

Simone is dead, and I can hear the cheers of joy from all over fandom. Okay, I admit while I didn't necessarily care for Simone and thought she was pointless and rather annoying at times, but I am disappointed about her demise. Especially since it was a the hands of one of the men who loved her, in an accidental incident all due to selfishness and jealousy. Huh. Ironic, isn't it? I should've guessed it would've been her, because so far Kring hasn't killed off any major characters. Yet, anyway. There's no real guessing here, and nobody's safe.

Peter focusing and using certain powers was definitely cool, particularly when he flew away from HRG and the Haitian carrying Claude. It was like Superman! Whee! But awww, poor Claude. I hope he returns (love you, Christopher Eccleston!), and I'm wondering what HRG wants with him. Or with the others he "marked" as well, and why they're all tracking devices for him, and everything else in between that we have yet to know. Which will be revealed, hopefully, in the next episode.

Oh, Mohinder. How dense can you be? That is Sylar you're talking to! Sylar, dude, you're so evil is mesmerizing and freaky and cool. But how come you didn't realize that amount of pain you'd have to endure by stealing that power? It's the intensity of hearing, didn't you know. Also, if Mohinder can't catch on to the suspciousness of Sylar's scheme he's either really dense and too trustworthy for his own good, or Sylar is way better at acting than he led on in the beginning.

Hiro and Ando. Awww, Hiro don't leave Ando behind! I'm glad that he finally realizes that his mission isn't the same as what he originally thought, which was almost like a comic book. I guess after the devastation of Charlie that realization hit him hard. But, yay his powers returned! I guess really wishing of not wanting it to end like that made his power return. That basically is the power of the mind, not the sword that he believes will give him the strength of his powers back. It's funny that neither Hiro nor Ando saw what happened. I think Ando will reconsider and stay with Hiro because, while in a dangerous situation they are friends and partners. And they stick together. Because that's how they roll, dudes.

Dude, I really liked the filming style in the episode. The faded focus with the camera effects were interesting, and added to the mystery of what was happening. Very artsy without being over-the-top, and me likey. Lots.

Yep, that pretty much about sums it all up. I'll give a proper episodic review soon. I might also write some for the episodes I missed reviewing for, though all those will probably be in one gigantic Heroes review post rather than separate entries. Ah, it just keeps getting better and better. I love this show, have I mentioned that already?

Also, I'm very intrigued by The Black Donnellys from its previews. I don't know if I should get into another fandom, since I have enough obsessions already, but it's gotten me interested. Anybody else know anything about this show? Is it worth looking into?
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