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Fandomosity: Jewel Staite (SGA, Tribe), VMars, JMusic (Namie, Kuu)

February 25th, another edition of Fandomosity news. It's hard to believe that it's almost March already. Anyway, also a reminder that the new NBC drama The Black Donnellys will be premiering tomorrow after Heroes. So keep an eye out for that, it looks to be amazing according to many who have already previewed it.

-♠- Kaylee Travels Through The Stargate: You heard it right, Jewel Staite returns as a reoccurring character for 8-episodes of Stargate Atlantis. Her first appearance on the show she played a Wraith girl, completely unrecognizable unless you heard her voice. This time she's playing a completely different character.

-♠- Horror Island Massacre: In other Jewel Staite news, the official trailer for her upcoming horror flick, The Tribe, is now available. She just can't escape those cannibalistic Reavers, can she?

-♠- Lamb For The Win!: Michael Muhney talks about his thoughts of the latest VMars episode and other things, an yes, following the link there are BIG SPOILERS unless you haven't seen the "Mars, Bars" yet. You have been warned. For those who have seen it, Lamb has died. Devastating as it is, I'm glad that Michael cleared up some things and he stated his own thoughts about his character's demise. In the beginning I didn't want to like Lamb, though as the series continued I grew much fondly over him. Not necessarily how he dealt with things, but more with his interaction and the character himself. Not only that, but Michael Muhney is one hell of an actor. He brought a lot to the table and won't be the same without Sheriff Don Lamb making things difficult for Veronica. He was essential to the show, and it's sad to see him go. But I guess it's rewarding since "Mars, Bars" was totally a Lamb-episode for sure, and going out with a bang certainly made his character more heroic than ever before. In short, Lamb will definitely be missed from the show, which I shall go and rewatch my favorite Lamb episodes from the passed two seasons. Michael Muhney is made of awesome, especially after being named an honorary Browncoat and admitting to wanting to become a Cylon. Hee.

-♠- Queen Namie Sparkles & Shines: At first it was rumored but now it's confirmed, Namie Amuro will be featured with an "m-flo loves Namie Amuro" song on m-flo's new album, COSMICOLOR, as reported here. Other artists featured on their album will be Koda Kumi, Bonnie Pink, and melody. Also, Namie's BEST Tour ~Live Style 2006~ DVD is already out, which I'll probably soon purchase in the near future.

-♠- For The Love of Kuu: In a recent commercial, Koda Kumi is talking about her new single "BUT", which will be released on the same date as her new album, BEST: ~Bounce & Lovers~ (which isn't really a "new" album really, it's just the best of her ballads and only has a few new songs; but that's AVEX TRAX for you). It's also the promotional song for the film Step Up. You can hear the entire song with this YouTube preview; I really love this song, it's powerful, upbeat and danceable. Probably going to be the best new song of hers so far this year.
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