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It’s been an eventful past couple of weeks.

This weekend I saw Kill Bill vol. 2 for the third time with my sister, who had yet to see it. All was good until she was guessing what was going to happen at certain points – which is something that we do from time to time with movies or anything else. This is an awesome movie (combining both volumes), and Quentin Tarantino better get a goddamn award for this. The second installment summed up everything smoothly and it was, for a lack of a better description, a good happy ending. Revenge does pay off.

I watched the Saturday Night Live Harry Potter skit with Lindsay Lohan (hosting the show), who played Hermione. She did a great impersonation of a British accent and a great Hermione, in my opinion anyway. I thought it was hilarious and highly entertaining. I absolutely loved it when she came out in the Hogwarts uniform (short skirt and all), her cleavage was showing and Harry (played by Rachel Dratch) and the guy playing Ron were staring and stuttering at her boobies. It was so fucking hilarious! And the actors playing Fred and George was hysterical, let alone the Snape and Hagrid parts – the magical effect of the boobies!

I’ve got to say, Lindsay Lohan did an excellent job, and I also loved the part when she was looking into the magical book and using an enormous magnifying glass, which made her breasts even more bigger! Harry and Ron were leaning downward trying to get a better look, it was so funny I was rolling on the floor laughing. Although there have been pros and cons about the skit ever since it aired, and I cannot see why there’s a huge fuss around it. I mean, it’s SNL for crying out loud, they’re supposed to be inappropriate, insanely crude and immature because that’s what the show is all about. It’s a comedy, and I thought they did an excellent job creating this Harry Potter skit (also goofing on all the Mary Sue HP fanfiction). The rest of the show was humorous, and on the Debbie Downer skit everyone was cracking up which was pretty funny, and Lindsay also did an imitation from the girls of t.A.t.U. – it was good from there on out.

Ironic, how people are going off about the HP skit when I saw another incredibly funny spoof of Harry Potter not too long ago on Nickelodeon’s All That entitled, Harry Bladder. Where we have Harry Bladder trying to defeat the evil Moldy-Shorts. *shrugs* Sometimes you’ve got to wonder.

New HP French trailer with a load of new scenes that makes any Harry Potter fan squee in delight. And I was, I was squeeing uncontrollably and I was hyperventilating with glee. That just made my day; this movie is going to fucking rock. Alfonso is awesome!

Anyway, saw Angel and the Tru Calling two-hour season finale. The Angel episode focused on Illyria who, in my opinion, is very sophisticated and primeval. Not to mention that Amy Acker looks amazingly hot in the Illyria wardrobe and makeup, and her acting is well done for the character of the ancient being. The preview for next weeks Angel looks good as well, but it’s sad that it’s all coming to an end after five successful years as a spin-off of BtvS.

Tru Calling was astonishing; the entire first season was wrapped up nicely. It makes you wonder if the network is going to pick the series up or not – I still haven’t forgiven FOX for canceling Dark Angel and Wonderfalls. But we’ll see.

Jason Priestly is remarkable as our mysterious Jack Harper, who we now learn also relives days just like Tru. But suspicions run high after Tru reveals herself to him and tries to communicate and identify with someone that’s just like her; they both relive the same day as we witness, and they work together to solve a heart attack death that connects several other deaths. But Jack, as we find out, is up to no good when he tries to prevent Tru from saving a woman from overdosing after a false diagnosed sickness. Jack and Tru are alike in the same power, but their intentions are entirely different. Tru saves the lives of the people that ask for help, whereas Jack takes the lives that are supposed to be saved.

This brings up a lot of questions and mythological elements to the show: life and death. Two opposites of the same coin, like darkness to light, night and day; the yin and yang. Jack explains to Tru that she is messing with the balance of the universe, which these people who ask for her help were supposed to die. It was their time to die. But this begs the question, if it was their time to die then why are they asking for help to Tru or the Jack in the first place? Is there a specific reason why they have this gift?

Tru has been trying to understand how to work her gift as well as to control the outcome, but the actual origin of the power is unknown, especially to Davis who is an expert in solving the mysterious and the unfamiliar, though scientifically. Jack is Tru’s opposite, as we learn, but we also learn by the very end that Jack is working with Richard, Tru’s father who was in part of the murder of his wife, Tru’s mother. Revealing truth that Richard once had the power that both Jack and Tru hold. Many people was shocked by this notion. I, on the other hand, wasn’t.

After it was revealed that Tru’s father hired someone to kill his wife it was clear that there was something that scared him about Tru’s mother and her power to relive days. Now, that Tru has the power too he is willing to test that power – allowing Jack to take upon that challenge, just like he did with his wife. Which makes good for a Tru/Jack relationship to take place (though it’s doubtful for the amount of hatred they have for each other, Tru especially, but that’s where the best relationships begin). It’s an ongoing circle with a web of lies and dark secrets. The mystery still continues, and we are left with a huge cliffhanger until next season.

The season finale was incredible, filled with emotion with Harrison’s death – until the day repeats itself for Tru to save him – and then the death of her ex-boyfriend Luc, who she was planning on patching things up with. I’ve never been a fan of Luc, granted the relationship was doomed from the beginning because Tru could never have a normal and functional relationship with someone because of her gift, and also Luc seemed too good to be true. She liked him from the moment she saw him, and the kindness he showed her was too overly done. Plus he was skeptical, though I totally understand why, but he overreacted to Tru’s revelation of what she could do. I didn’t want Luc to die though, but I think his death was justified.

Overall the episode was astonishing, breathtaking as well as heartbreaking, and an emotional roller coaster that gave the season closure along with a mysterious clue to what could happen next with Jack and Tru and their feud between their gifts and the life and death scale.

And yet another week is to come of school, but I predict that it’ll go by fast. Because this upcoming weekend on Sunday is the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone broadcast on ABC, where there is additional scenes added and the Daniel, Rupert and Emma host and talk about the Prisoner of Azkaban film! With EXCLUSIVE never-before-seen footage! *SQUEEEEE*

31 days left!
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