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I'm laughing on the inside.

I'm still recovering myself from Monday's Heroes, which I'll write about shortly. My thoughts are incoherent, but I've been reading up on the speculations and the connections on TWoP and other places, so perhaps not quite as incoherent as I had been. But that was quite an episode, and I'm definitely pleased with the outcome.

After Criminal Minds tonight I'm finally going to have my Supernatural marathon. The reason why I'm not watching it now because I like the full experience in the evening with the lights off, because I'm that insane. Give me a cup of hot chocolate (it's still cold over here, like whoa), curled up on the couch while watching the Winchester brothers and the Metallicar having their adventures of hunting the paranormal, terrifyingly creepy as most of their huntings are. Just how I like them, along with their amazing collection of classic rock. Bring on the scary, people!
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