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I'm not a Cylon...but my copy is.

I kind of knew from the start about Kara's "demise" in this episode, though it was still shocking onscreen. we really know that she's gone? All we saw was her viper blown into pieces which, okay, hard to survive such a destruction. But her destiny could've have been facing her greatest fear and accepting death. There's more to that I think, like she's the only one who could even cross beyond that cloud, and perhaps she truly found a place to survive. Somehow or however that is.

Or she could just be a Cylon, as rumor suggests, although some think that would be too easy. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't.

Other than that, for a Kara-centric episode I really liked how a copy of Leoban featured in her subconscious and we were shown her past with her mother. And the younger version of Kara was so cute! But the tortured expression on her face was heartbreaking. Oh, and the scene in the beginning with Kara's dream with the white paint, and sexual encounter with Leoban....I found that sexy. Personally, I think out of all the men in Kara's life, as much as a mindfrakking bastard as he is Leoban is probably the only one that she connects with the most.

At the end though...poor Papa Adama.

Anyway, in semi-related news, I'm completely psyched about Tricia Helfer's guest-appearance on Supernatural on the 15th!
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