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I love the Smurfs.

1. My Internet connection is acting funky, like frakking hell.

2. Most of my fandoms are on hiatus right now until further notice, and that basically sucks considering going through withdrawals (especially for Heroes which won't return until the end of April!) There are still some shows that haven't gotten hiatus yet that I'll watch, but other than that nothing in particular is worthwhile right now. I guess I can say I'm thankful, since schoolwork is kicking my ass and I need to dedicate my time on my academic achievements than on fandom watching even though it's hard to resist.

3. Watched Marie Antoinette earlier this week, and I quite liked it. I'll probably write a short review/response about it (after this week is over), though I'll leave this by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed the unique storytelling of Marie Antoinette's life from her POV, and I applaud Sofie Coppola for taking a different direction with this film.
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