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Hit my piñata! Hit my piñata hard!

To feed my cravings of music addiction, I've been having an overload of Kuu this passed week.

The lovely Koda Kumi has recently released two new PVs, from her latest album Black Cherry and from her latest single BUT/Aishou. This will be a total of three videos in the passed two weeks. "Aishou" is almost like a acoustic soft-rock ballad, and she sings very powerful at certain points. In the video itself she's dressed in a traditional Japanese kimono; there's been some discussion on whether she's being a maiko or geisha, though one of the most respectable answers of speculation I've read is that Kumi's portraying an Oiran, which were the highest class of courtesans. It's slow-sexy and seductive, and Kuu looks amazingly beautiful and elegant.

"Get Up&Move!!" is her brand new PV that has just been released (there hasn't even been a decent download link yet). Other have complained that she hasn't come out with a dance-oriented video in her wave of recent releases. Well, this kind of fulfills that wish, consider the appropriateness with the title of the song. Aside from the dancing, it's a simple video really. All it features is her and her backup dancers with a black background, then a white background, and some interchangeable images of different outfits. Not as creative as her passed PVs have been, but it's better than nothing and besides, it's Kuu for goodness sakes! She's pretty hot in it regardless, and that compliments with the song as well, and there's amazing dance moves, too. I use this, along with her other song "BUT", as part of my practice routines for dance.

I've placed the PVs underneath the cut for those interested in viewing them:

"Aishou" PV

"Get Up&Move!!" PV (low quality, but worth it)

For some strange reason, I'm interested in seeing Black Snake Moan, partially due to curiosity over what it's all about and partially because it has Samuel L. Jackson and Christina Ricci, two particular actors you can never go wrong with, at least in my opinion. Justin Timberlake appears in it too, though I don't much care about that. Every time I see the previews for the movie I keep wondering, "why is Christina Ricci chained up by the waist?" After researching what it's about, my curiosity has increased. Though I'm betting some have doubts about it doing well, I might give it a chance; from some reviews I've read from others, they were pleasantly surprised of the outcome. Though I know opinions differ with each individual and their expectations, but this sounds like something I'm willing to try out for myself. Oh, and the trailer is hilarious, too. Especially when SLJ says, "Get yo' ass back in my house!" Hee, don't piss off motherfucking Samuel L. Jackson, fo'shizzle.

Rec of the Day: The Wreckoning, Niki/Jessica FanVid. I highly recommend this particular fanvideo because not only does it focus more on the Jessica personality than anything, but also because it's wonderfully edited, matching the clips with the music, the effects are beautifully timed and everything Jessica is lethal, psychotic and badass to the bone, and that's why I love her, and this video captures that aspect of that character perfectly.
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