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Heroes: "Like Any Parasite" Episode Review

The Heroisms: The Explosives Go Boom!

This is the episode where more is revealed, triumphs and sorrows, and characters discover amazing revelations. Leaving an incredibly evil cliffhanger at the end.

Peter is distorted by the accidental death of Simone, and retreats to Nathan where he's supposedly going to clean everything up for him, but Peter has other plans and goes to see Mohinder. Regarding Nathan, it's been revealed that he's secretly working with the FBI while working for Linderman, and they plan on taking Linderman down. This leads to the revealing of who the freaking hell Linderman really is and his connection and knowledge to Nathan and the other heroes, but first Nathan has a run-in with Niki who was there as Jessica, but has taken control for the short period of time to warn him about Linderman and take him down before anything else happens. Nathan takes her advice and plans on killing the man in charge, however after Linderman tells him about what he knows and what he promises for his future, he doesn't go through with it. Meanwhile, Hiro is trying to get into to the Linderman gallery but is stopped by security. However with Nathan's persuasive help he does finally enter to trade in the painting by Isaac, and gets the main gallery security man distracted enough to locate the sword, but is unfortunately caught. Though surprise! Ando appears impersonating a security guard and saves Hiro, which allows him to finally retrieve the sword (yatta!). But just as they were about to get caught, Hiro uses his ability to transport themselves from that place....and the transport to the future, with the nearly destroyed New York City before them, where Hiro believes he has failed his mission.

Fully living Niki's life, Jessica continues her streak of following Linderman's hitman orders, and plans on taking out Nathan Petrelli as her next assignment. Unfortunately for her, Niki is gradually taking control and left a subtle message for D.L., being the picture of Nathan Petrelli on his pillow. Despite Jessica covering up that little mistake, D.L. can tell she's lying between her teeth but doesn't have anything else to say or do. Jessica is now aware of Niki's intentions. Claire and the Haitian are escaping, away from the harm of the Company, though Claire wants to visit Peter Petrelli because she believes he's the only one she can trust now, but the Haitian strongly disagrees about this; however, Claire eventually finds a way to travel to New York, though gets an unlikely surprise. HRG apparently remembers Claire, though nothing about her knowledge of what she could do or even his knowledge over her knowing about him and his business. This was all due to keeping her safe, and although he wants to find her Mrs. Bennet gives him a shocking surprise that, before he'd forgotten, he'd told her everything. What he really did and his protection of Claire. But the Company isn't thrilled about Claire disappearing and knows that HRG had something to do with it, so they have another one of the newly introduced "heroes" to manipulate him to get to know the truth.

Mohinder had finally caught onto Sylar's little scheme and captures him in a nice, stealthy manner that the audience can appreciate. Sedating him and tying him down, Mohinder wants answers from Sylar before killing him as the last act of vengeance from him killing his father. However Sylar is more clever than we thought, especially manipulative, and the dangerous side reveals itself. Nearing the end, just as Peter Petrelli arrives at the Suresh's apartment, he gets a shocking surprise when he discovers the terrifying image of Mohinder on the ceiling, bleeding, uttering the name "Sylar" as a warning. But it seems too late for Peter, and Sylar grabs him and begins to saw his way through Peter's skull, leaving him screaming in agony and pain just before the screen turns to black as the cliffhanger leaves most of us in stunned shock.....

The Characters: Here A Hero, There A Hero, Heroes Everywhere.

Claire Bennet. It's understandable how she's feeling now, considering that she's lost everything she once had that connected her to a normal life. In the beginning she was learning to cope with having a "freak" ability of healing, letting only her befriended new trustworthy friend Zach in onto her secret. Now she's starting to realize, after what her father had told her and what happened in the previous episode, that there's something much bigger at stake than just her ability. Some have commented how childish her wishes were by wanting to return home and complaining, however it's perfectly rational. She'd lost her innocence when things started happening six months ago, and she'll never get it back. Her disobeying the Haitian to want to see Peter Petrelli was probably the best scheme, though I felt bad for the Haitian then because he was following orders to protecting her. Though she is stubborn and when she wants to do something, she'll do it regardless. I think Claire knows that she can never return home, it's too dangerous there especially since the Company will now be looking for her. But now with the revelation of who her grandmother is and that the Haitian truly answers to, perhaps she'll understand more about what's happening and why she's so important. I think she (along with the audience) deserves to know the reason why she's an important asset to the higher authorities, and it can't be because of her healing ability. I suspect there's something else at stake.

Mr. Bennet, a.k.a. "HRG". I felt so bad for him, since everything he's done has been to protect Claire and his family. He sincerely loves and cares about Claire, and perhaps that love is what's endangering him and everyone around him. I loved the fact that before his memory was erased, he'd told his wife everything he was involved with and his plan on protecting Claire from those people who wanted her. All he ever wanted was to do just that, protect her and be the best father he could be, and now after all that's happened in this episode it seems to be crumbling down upon him faster than he could've ever imagined. Poor HRG.

The Petrelli Family. The thing I love about Nathan and Peter, despite their dysfunctional sibling relationship and differences, is that they're always there for each other. Peter came to Nathan to be consoled after Simone's death, knowing that somehow he'll know what to do. Nathan has always been protective of his little brother, even when he doesn't show it he truly does care about him and wants to keep him safe. In the end, they are there for one another. Though Peter seems to be more disoriented right now considering what he's going through, with controlling his power along with dealing with Simone's death, whereas Nathan has this cool and collected aspect, complete with professionalism. Although we do see him questioning what he does and that particular vulnerability shows, especially after facing Linderman. They're both screwed up in their own ways, and that is what makes them so appealing.

Also, Mama Petrelli knows about not only Peter and Nathan's abilities, but is the higher authority that knows about Claire and has been contacting the Haitian in order to keep her safe? Who saw that revelation coming? I sure didn't, and it was such a pleasant surprise. Especially when she and the Haitian were speaking French to each other as Claire is looking at awe at the both of them. That was an awesome scene.

Niki and Jessica Sanders. We're finally seeing Niki take some control without Jessica knowing, to an extent of course. I'm happy for that, because Niki should definitely stick up for herself more than what we've been seeing, though she's still one of my favorite characters on the show. Jessica is really hardcore and badass, and her pretending the be Niki is great. That scene when she's cornered by D.L. about Nathan Petrelli's picture was the greatest "sweat and innocent" piece of acting. I have to say, Jessica is a great female semi-hero/semi-villain with tons of attitude and is dangerously lethal, like whoa. She doesn't even blink when killing someone, and has a wicked sense of humor and is mentally at ease during her assassination missions sent out by Linderman (which I believe she's working for, and if so why did he send out Jessica to kill Nathan if Linderman is promising to make him up in running for presidency? Questions and more questions.)

The only thing I'm concerned about is Micah and D.L.'s involvement and how their characters will progress. It's been more about the Niki/Jessica development recently when it should be a family issue, since from the very beginning it was about protecting the family.

Mohinder Suresh. After all the episodes sans the beginning few, Mohinder finally gets some kind of action that required much applauding on my part. it was pretty damn clever and stealthy-like to drug Sylar without his knowledge, playing his game until he definitely caught him off-guard. It certainly was an "Oh Snap!" moment. I knew that Mohinder wasn't completely dense, and I'm wondering when exactly did he figure it all out, especially avoiding freaking out that Sylar, the man the killed his father and is murdering others, was beside him the entire time. Confronting Sylar, using the sound fork as a method of torture, and taking some of his spinal fluid without anesthesia was just frakking awesome. Totally renewing Mohinder's character from the passed several episodes, and I actually thought he killed Sylar in that last moment. But Sylar being Sylar, and being the main threat of this season, I knew that wouldn't happen so soon. I got very scared for Mohinder just then, and freaked out when he was on the ceiling, bleeding (a la Supernatural much?). I hope he's not dead, just seriously injured....

Candace Wilmer, a.k.a. "The New Girl". By first impressions, I don't like her. Her ability of creating illusions about her is creative and interesting for a power, something I think will come in handy, though the character herself acts too smug and cocky. It seems as though she half takes the assignments just to use her ability for the fun of it, which is probably why they chose her to be part of the Company. Although her appearance compliments her attitude, which makes her slightly punkish who enjoys fooling people by manipulating them with her ability. Like when she did to Isaac by imitating Simone, laughing afterwards and sarcastically saying "I'm sorry for your loss", and mimicking Mrs. Bennet in order to get the truth over what HRG is hiding from the Company. She's facetious, and not in a good way. She may have potential considering this is her first major appearance within the series, though as of right now she annoys me, and partially because of her attitude. They make her seem like another possible baddie working withint the Company when really, she appears to be a spoiled little punk schoolgirl who likes tricking people. Although she has this cool sense of collectiveness at times, she needs to bring more to the plate in order to get me to liking her, if that'll happen. I'm guessing Candace will become one of the next new "heroes" featured in the second season, if nothing else happens with her in this one or in the graphic novels.

Sylar. Still evil, still awesome. The entire scenes with him and Mohinder and the torture was great; amazing acting from them both. And that last scene, with him slicing into Peter's skull? Ouch! Zachary Quinto is an amazing actor, who can play the sweet, innocent and naive to quicking changing into the menacing villain in a heartbeat.

Mr. Linderman... Is Malcolm freaking McDowell! That was an awesome surprise, wasn't it? And I'm speaking to those who haven't read spoilers beforehand. As for the Main Man himself, I really like his demeanor. His expression didn't change when Nathan pointed the gun at him, and when he sighed and said nonchalantly, "I guess you won't be getting my pot pie", that right there was the best line delivered. You know from that phrase that Nathan's not the only one that has tried to kill him at gunpoint (as he also mentioned), and revealing what he knows about Nathan and those close to him. Now one wonders whether Linderman is actually one of the good guys or bad guys, or if he's in the gray middle, or if he works for the Company at all or if they're both different corporations altogether. Hmm.

The Show: Glees and Squees!

¤ Hiro and Ando reuniting was the sweetest and greatest things ever to grace the screen. That was just a precious scene. I knew that Ando wouldn't leave Hiro alone, not after all they've been through together. They are the amazing dynamic duo, and that's how they roll, yo! And Hiro finally getting the sword, whee! He was so gleeful for retrieving it.

¤ The Haitian = Awesome. End of story. And he speaks perfect French, OMG!

¤ Claire determined to go to New York and find Peter Petrelli, I could hear thousands within the fandom squeeing, because everyone was hoping and wishing she'd do just that. Even after "Homecoming" and after learning the truth about her father. I can't wait to see what Claire thinks about Peter being her uncle, and Nathan Petrelli being her father and Mama Petrelli as her grandmother; it's all a doozy, I tell you.

¤ Though my question is: what's going to happen to Zach now?

¤ I love Nathan. The bestest big brother ever. And his interaction with Hiro is totally sweet! Aside from Peter, his vulernability and sweetness comes out when conversing with him. Hee, and the "flying man!" will never get old. Ever.

¤ Poor HRG. Sacrificing everything to protect Claire and his family, only to get caught in the end. *hugs HRG*

¤ Candance, I don't know how I feel about you yet, but you're making miss Eden.

¤ GAH! The ending! Poor Mohinder. Poor Peter. Poor Peter's emo!bangs that were so pretty. EVILEST. CLIFFHANGER. EVER.

Final Thoughts: My God, this was a great episode to end with before the long freaking hiatus, even though it kills me because I want to know what happens right now, gorrammit. I hope Claude returns, I want to know more about his involvement and partnership with Mr. Bennet, and more importantly what's going to happen to him now. What's going to happen to Peter, if he's going to heal himself or use the absorbed powers from Sylar against him? What about Mohinder? What will the Company do if they encounter Sylar, if they ever catch him again? What exactly does the Company do with their captured "heroes", and why is Claire so special to them? Will Claire reunite with Peter? Will she return home? Will the "save the cheerleader, save the world" prophecy come into play in the next episode? GAH! So many questions, so many things need to be revealed and to be answered. God, this hiatus is going to be the death of me, because I'll be speculating until the end of April!
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