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"...I am only bothered because I am bothered"

This is the last week of school for me because next week will I shall not be going because it will be combined days, meaning that the afternoon sessions will be joining the morning sessions. And there is a reason why I chose to be in the afternoon session – I am not a morning person. I get grumpy and bitchy and I have less attention span in the morning. I would be surprised stepping out the door while walking to school early in the morning without tripping and acting like a drunken bum for being half awake and half asleep.

Weekend was pretty uneventful; I was groggy and lazy and boredom took over most of the time. Sounds like a normal weekend with my father. I wished it could’ve rained though. The news reports say that later this week there will be rain showers and possible thunderstorms, so I’m crossing my fingers.

Basically seeing Dan and Emma on the show was all that I was excited about (along with the extended scenes of Hermione’s threatening gesture towards Draco and the Buckbeak scene with Harry and Hagrid), but the rest was purely crap. I don't even know why I tuned into that station in the first place. I was hoping to see some new scenes from the film, or a promotion of the film like they did for Chamber of Secrets, but it was just utter stupidity for so-called fans that think they can win a chance to go to London to see the third film and a chance to be in the fourth film (which chances that’ll happen would be slim to none), let alone answering stupid mundane questions that have absolutely nothing to do with the Harry Potter books. The questions were about the movies, and nothing related or mentioned about the actual books – and that’s what the movies were based upon! Now, perhaps the questions were based on the movies because Dan and Emma were promoting the third installment of the Harry Potter films, but any person could’ve watched the movie a thousand times and know what spells or things that happened onscreen.

Here's some questions that could've been asked:

1. Who were the creators of the Marauder's Map?
2. What is the address that Harry Potter must live under with his only living relatives?
3. What year was Harry Potter born?
4. In which book does Harry get the Firebolt?
5. Name all the Weasley children starting from the oldest to the youngest.
6. Name Harry Potter's best friends, and Harry's archenemies (which should be a given to anyone who as read the books and/or seen the movies)

Easy, simple questions that have both the books and the movie aspects of it.

Personally, if these people were truly fans of the books and/or movies they would not go through that kind of crap just to wind up disappointed in the very end. TRL is the most mainstream, stupidest show that is only televised for trendsetters. Nothing more. I feel ashamed that Dan has to sit through that garbage. It was totally unnecessary and pointless for something like that to have been taken place.

Another thing that I observed was that these people seemed so dense about the series because the majority of them mentioned only the movies (the actors and special effects and how many times they’ve seen it etcetera), but no mention of them reading the books at all! How can they be fans of Harry Potter without reading the books? Perhaps I’m only judging based on what the contest was about, but that’s the impression that they gave off when they declared to have watched the films and not the books at all. I would’ve figured that a hardcore Harry Potter fan would at least mention the book series that the movies were based upon and then go on and say that the movies were somewhat an adaptation from the world that J.K. Rowling had created.

Just goes to show how shallow MTV is – and will always be – and the stupidity that anyone would be to enter on a contest, even if you think you might win. Where has the intelligence gone in this country? You would think that so-called fans of the Harry Potter series might want to use their brains instead of being a publicity puppet to humiliate themselves because they got a stupid question wrong on a quiz that doesn’t even require you to think. And for those people creating the questions on the quiz: think of something that only Harry Potter fans will understand! Like characters in previous books or locations or the actual spells and incantations that are inside the books, not the movies (and, by the way, some of the spells used in the movies were somewhat altered or weren’t even mentioned in the books at all). Honestly. Watching that show just might’ve lowered my intelligence from those people competing for the slimmest chance to be on the film. Stupidity. Senseless and utter stupidity.

Sorry, I just had to rant. I was angered at the entire show, expect for the parts when Dan was acting all cute and was nervous. I was really wishing to have seen something new on the show, but nothing. Ugh. Well, tomorrow is the HBO preview and Daniel will be on Conan O’Brien, so I’m happy with that. At least that’s tasteful television, in my opinion....I happen to think Conan has more sensible humor and his jokes and pardoies are hilarious. Let's just hope Dan isn't excessively nervous while on the show. Either he'll be nervous or he'll be cracking up too much to answer a question. We shall see.

On a lighter note, the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban soundtrack comes out tomorrow! I am in total sqeeing mode right now. My sister doesn’t want to listen to it for an unknown reason; perhaps I think she wants to be surprised with the dramatic scenes without bursting into tears. I, however, took a sneak-listen from the AOL Harry Potter listening party a few weeks back and I think the soundtrack is going to be wickedly cool and by far the best of the soundtracks composed by John Williams (not to mention that a certain scene sounds like a crazy Loony Toons or Roger Rabbit music, very unlike the previous soundtracks for the films).

Only 10 more days until PoA!

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