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You're like a walking Encyclopedia of weirdness.

Veronica Mars has been cancelled. Well damn, CW. [Note: since Kristin isn't quite accurate, we'll wait until Rob Thomas confirms it or not. So, fingers crossed guys!]

This was a well-constructed episode after the hiatus, I thought. I was impressed with how they dealt with the storyline which was cleverly placed together. Some think it was too The Sixth Sense predictable and somewhat slower than the previous episodes, however I think that was intended. Nevertheless, it was a uniquely different setup and I rather enjoyed it.

Tricia Helfer was amazing in this episode. But of course I already knew that before viewing the episode, since she's always amazing anyway. Most people haven't seen Tricia in other acting roles before other than playing the Cylon Six in Battlestar Galactica, and seeing her in this role in particular really shows off her acting ability on another level entirely. Though fans already knew this much, considering she plays different varieties of Six's, all with distingtive personalities. Still, the character of Molly I really did like, and the realistic portrayal of not believing Sam or Dean about the supernatural and the hunting they do was nicely done. Also on a shallow note, she was incredibly beautiful, and it's nice to see Tricia with her natural hair color than the blonde wig with uses for Six. Okay, I'm fawning over her too much, but what did you expect from a fan like me?

As far as this episode overall, it was definitely a change of pace from previous episodes. Normally it goes from the research the boys do into hunting whatever paranormal crisis they encounter, learning more and more as they dig deeper into it then defeat whatever to solve it. Instead, they already knew the mystery, it was more of getting Tricia's character, Molly, to acknowledge the truth along with the audience. That is why Dean was a little harsher and colder, since he believes anything supernatural needs to be put down (understandable, considering what's happened through their lives especially with the death of their father), and why he wasn't necessarily hitting on Molly because she was a ghost. Sam was, as usual, very sympathetic because he knew that she wasn't aware that she was dead, that she was confused and seeing only what she wanted to see, and that emotional side to him showed. Natural for Sam to do such a thing. But still, gotta love those Winchester brothers. They are love. It was slower, though since it was taking place all in one night I think it was to be expected. It did have it's glorious moments, especially through the dialogue. Like when after Dean shoots the ghost, Molly exclaims "oh, thank God" in which Dean replies in his usual Dean!charm: "just call me Dean".

Of course, there's his other line directed to Sam when he relays the traditional country way of marking a grave sight by planting a tree: "dude, you're like a walking Encyclopedia of weirdness." Hee!

Overall, this episode wasn't extensively on the top list of amazingness, but I was still pleased with what I saw nonetheless. Tricia Helfer on Supernatural? Awesome. Dean and Sam? Still awesome. Predictions of Dean/Six/Sam threesome fics? Oh, you better believe I'm hoping there will be some, if there aren't already. The chemistry they had on the screen was great, and the thing is I wasn't thinking it was Six on the screen (although in the beginning I squeed, saying "yay Six!"), Tricia really brought a lot to the character of Molly, which I liked a lot. So yeah, while a little too The Sixth Sense (or the AYAOTD episode The Tale of the Dream Girl, which was the original inspiration of The Sixth Sense), I thought it was great.

Can't wait until next week's episode. Werewolves!

Why don't I have a Supernatural icon? Seriously.
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