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From the Darkness, you must fall...

1. Even if it's not officially spring according to the calender, it certainly feels like it. Although today is slightly cooler than yesterday, there's no denying that the warmth is returning. This means I can finally wear all the cute spring clothes I have, and possibly go shopping for more!

2. However, the Daylight Savings change is still kicking my ass to wake up on time for class.

3. In honor of conspicuous pimping: The St. Paddy's Recovery Friending Meme and Heroes Friending Meme. Go ye forth my precious minions, and even if you don't participate at least pimp them to spread the love. In turn, I welcome those who've been friended from these memes!

4. For those still wondering and confused over the Veronica Mars situation, a recent article from Ausiello's column debunks anything of the circulating rumors that the entire cast, sans KB, has been released from their contracts. The future for the show, however, is still unclear. As it can go several ways, either by cancellation or renewal, or for the possibility of an FBI series. I'm still digesting the information and wary about the idea about this whole VM:FBI deal, but I'll probably give my personal opinion on this some other time since everybody in the VMars fandom is already putting in their two cents about all this hoopla.
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