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First thing's first:

Supernatural - 2.17 - "Heart"

In this episode, the Winchester's follow clues about a possible werewolf attack in a city, leading back to a woman who may be fallen victim as the prey of the predator. Sam stays to guard the young woman, named Madison, while Dean tracks down the suspicious man who had been stalking her and supposedly is the culprit of the mystery. Unfortunately for them, the supposed victim is actually the predator...who apparently knows absolutely nothing about her condition, or the fact that she's changing and becoming a monster during the lunar cycle. The rest of the episode follows Sam and Dean locating the original werewolf that bit and changed her in the first place, and for Sam to deal with his emotions as he had gotten really close to Madison, rather intimately might I add, and cares about her and wants to save her life. In the end, it is revealed there is no known cure, and the only way to save her live was to end it.

This, I felt, was an incredibly rollarcoaster ride for Sam in general. It really brought out his feelings and thoughts about giving people who have the redeeming qualities from their monstrous side another chance, and saving their lives from the evil that might take over someday. Dean is unforgiving when it comes to the supernatural, understandably, although I know that nearing the end he had those exact feelings Sam had regarding the situation. Sam deeply cared about Madison and wanted desperately to find another alternative to save her, however not everything ends happily here. Even though they both have different views about the supernatural, both Sam and Dean understand the difficulty and heartache of losing someone to the darker side of what they deal with.

Madison (played by Emmanuelle Vaugier) was a pleasant surprise. She seemed tough, intelligent, and played the confusion and general fear convincingly. The whole chemistry was Sam was nice, and his uncomfortableness in the beginning about being alone in an apartment with a woman was hilarious, especially after Dean called him knowing all too well what he was NOT doing. Ah, such brothers they are. Anyway, I knew from the getgo that Madison was probably the werewolf all along (and looking at the preview beforehand, it was already pointed out though not exactly clear if she was one before or after), and at first I wasn't sure how to react but I felt she was a good character. Strong but fragile, and that last scene where she begs Sam to shoot her was definitely a winner. Why? Because she said that she didn't want to die, but didn't want to continue living knowing what she was and the danger she'd place on everyone. It was the ultimate sacrifice, and although very emotional it seemed right to have Sam be the one to shoot her, because he had tried to save her and having his face be the last thing she saw would create some peace in her mind.

And how could I forget the "OMG SAM HAD SEX" reaction? Yes, Sam Winchester finally had sex; hardcore, wild, intense, raw and passionate sex with Madison. So many shots, only tiff is that we didn't get THIS much action, or enough lighting, when Dean had his sex scene.

Speaking of which, I loved their scenes together! One of the things I love about this show is, besides the supernatural/horror mystery elements, is the brotherly relationship they have with each other and the typical sibling interaction. The Rochambeau competition to see which one gets to stay with the "hot chick" was hilarious, not to mention Dean pumping his fist in the air knowing his brother would definitely be getting it on with Madison. The beginning scene with them at the hotel and Sam mentioning Disneyland in comparison to Dean's all-too-giddiness about hunting werewolves was sweet, indeed. Gotta love those two, they are such brothers.

Going for the lycanthrope storyline, I know there was some concerns over how well the writers were going to deal with it, considering there are limited materials out there that actually portray them in a decent light (only a few things I know deal with them properly without overdoing it). And I have to say, having the human-like appearance of a werewolf was an interesting take. Though kind of looked like vampires in a way and not much of a wolf instinct, though I'm not sure how long it would've taken those who have been turned to fully transform themselves into an actual wolf rather than a humanized version of one, if that was to ever happen at all. I don't know, but I'm not picky about it. This was more of a character study and turmoil episode than a hunt-and-kill mission.

Also, I hurt for Dean. I really do. That last scene where Sam went to kill Madison focused not on them, but instead on Dean's reaction. This entire episode was primarily about Sam and Madison, though that last shot really emphasized Dean's thoughts and emotions without words at all. He knows that he'll probably have to go through the same thing if Sam turns evil by the Demon, and knowing everything that he's lost he doesn't want to lose the only person left in his life. Aww, Dean. I just want to hug him, the poor dear.

Overall, I liked it. It was a very good episode, and judging from the previews for the next one it's going to be freaking hilarious!

There's something even more awesome, dudes: TMNT. Being a fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from way back when, I'm psyched about the featured film. It just looks so frakking cool! There's also going to be a Transformers film out soon as well, but for me it's all about the TMNT all the way. "Cowabunga!"
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