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Luck has nothing to do with it.

First: starcrossed is hosting a 10 Years Since Buffy Friending Meme. Go fill out the questionaire, meet new friends, and pimp this (even if you're not participating) to other BtVS fans.

1. If you had to choose being blind or deaf, what would you choose and why?
This is one of those questions where people would pick "neither" as the absent option because they don't want to think about picking one or the other, since they're both life-altering and drastic choices. However, if I were to choose I'd pick going deaf; I already know some sign language, and even without the abilitiy of hearing I certainly would appreciate seeing the sights around me and would be able to watch more closely about what's happening around me, as some people always take for granted.

2. What is the best smell?
The different scented lotions I have, which are a mixture of floral and fruits, and freshly baked cookies.

3. Would you rather be hot or cold?
Difficult to say, but I suppose being hot is one of the lesser evils. If only I had certain things to keep everything moderated without overloading from the heat, like cool drinks, a pool of ice-cold water. Plus, being hot will allow me to wear certain cute clothes I've recently bought fot the spring/summer weather.

4. What's the worst feeling in the world?
Depression, heartache, guilt and disappointment, especially knowing that you've let somebody down who had depended and counted on you.

5. Would you rather have something hurt or something be itchy?
Hurting, since I simply cannot stand having something itch, it drives me absolutely insane. I'd take pain over that anyday.

Seriously, the recent VMars wanking is absolutely ridiculous. Fandom, get over yourselves please.

Earlier Resident Evil was on SciFi and while it's not the greatest movie ever, it's still entertaining to watch. Plus, it's setting up for the third in the film series, Resident Evil: Extinction, which will have Ali Larter co-starring with Milla Jovovich. For me, that's all sorts of awesome right there. If there's anything to motivate me to see the new film, it'll be for Ali Larter and seeing her in action. Of course she already does this as Jessica, but this'll be on the big-screen. Major difference there, people.
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