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Go down the rabbit hole....and don't forget the beer!

The Angel series finale.

This is basically all what it comes down to, the episode that sums up all the seasons for five years, and what a finale it was. It has to be, without a doubt, the best series finale I have seen so far. The dramatic climax’s, the depression surrounding everyone for the big battle, and anxiously waiting to see who would die – nothing could be better than what had led this final episode to a wonderful ending.

Essentially, this episode was all about going back to the beginning – just like in the seventh season of Buffy, everything just went right back to the beginning.

But I seem to be one of the minorities who think that this finale was a success to the series.

It has recently been brought to my attention that most of the fans in the Angelverse fandom are getting riled up over the series finale. While I have my moments of denial of the series being over, I think it’s rather pointless and senseless to be blaming Joss Weadon over the last episode because it didn’t have a satisfactory ending. Who cares if they didn’t explain thoroughly what happened in the apocalyptic battle or who dies or doesn’t die? It’s supposed to be a cliffhanger, preferably for those who write fanfiction or anyone else of the fandom to draw up their own conclusion of what happened or should happen to the remaining characters of the Angelverse and Buffyverse.

The series finale, entitled “Not Fade Away”, wasn’t intended to have a huge gigantic climax in the end that would explain everything and have a closure over the past five years. I believe that Joss had intended, and it was rumored, to have a sixth season in which they would bring back some few characters (one including Seth Green as our favorite werewolf, Oz). However, because people at the WB are being major fuckheads they decided to cut them off after its fifth season – much like what they did when Buffy reached its finale in their fifth season – for an unknown reason that they won’t give an answer to. While I agree it was almost rushed in the end, I believe this was the best series finale I have seen because it doesn’t give off any kind of relief or closure like all other series finales do. It is to give the fans a “what if” factor and begin to contemplate (or write) about what could happen during the big apocalypse and the characters. Will Gunn fade away during the battle? Does Spike regain his soulful purpose and become human? Does Illyria beat all the demons and otherworldly creatures in revenge of Wesley’s death? Does she become more and more humanlike and acquire Fred’s human emotions? Angel, does he survive? Will Angel or the others see Buffy again? Will the Slayer and the Potentials come and help out Angel in this battle? Does the Shan-Shu prophecy ever come true even though Angel signed a contract in his blood during the council with the Black Thorns saying that it will never be fulfilled?

There are many questions that are left unanswered, yet I believe it was for the best to leave it this way. I am probably the minority of the fans that believe that this was the best way to end the series, because it really wasn’t truly the end of the Angelverse. Angel still lives on, perhaps not onscreen, but in our hearts and imaginations. Who knows? Perhaps there might be a television movie sometime in the future that might answer those questions, with more unanswered questions.

I just think fans are pissed off because there wasn’t anything wrong with the series finale episode itself, but the fact that this was the episode that marked the end of the Angel saga forever.

In other news, tonight I get to go out for my sister's (belated) 20th birthday dinner with our father at the Japanese restaurant. Also, tonight is the night where HBO does it's special behind-the-scenes for the making of the third Harry Potter film - and following that is Daniel on Conan O'Brien! *squee*

The Prisoner of Azkaban soundtrack came out today! Whee! Hopefully it’s still available, or else I am going to die before the movie comes out, which I am restraining myself from reading any kind of spoilers from those that have already seen the movie in New York. All the awesomely positive reviews of the movie are killing me, man. They’re killing me, I tell you! Killing me!

Only 9 more days until PoA!
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