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Just like summertime, it's California dreamin'

This week is spring break for me, which constitutes as either a time for relaxation or a time to get caught up in schoolwork. It's both, and not necessarily in that order. I have a paper to write for one class an essay paper I really don't want to do, and I have a midterm exam to study for another. I'm also doing the annual "spring cleaning", mostly tossing out clothes and other junk that I don't need anymore. Oddly enough I'm finding things that I didn't even know I possessed, and sometimes I wonder why I buy certain things in the first place. I'm also working out and exercising to keep my muscles stretched for dance, which is a given but also a necessity. At least I'm getting some things accomplished during my break (I refuse to call it vacation, because to me a vacation means getting out somewhere to have fun, a week of studying and cleaning doesn't qualify that as such).

I now have the sudden urge to go shopping. I probably should, I need some new cute shoes.
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