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08 April 2007 @ 12:06 pm
Fandomosity: Supernatural, Drive, Heroes, Kuu  
Happy Easter Sunday to all those that celebrate it, either in a religious or non-religious sense. Wishing everyone the happiest and safest of days, of course why wouldn't it be that anyway? As for myself, spring break will officially be over come midnight tonight, for tomorrow I start up classes again. Which means I have a 15-page essay page due Tuesday and two midterms on Thursday and Friday. Feel the joy.

-♠- Scary Is Sexy: Other than the fact that there's a new Supernatural episode this Thursday, what could be more exciting than an actual novelization based off the series? Look no further, the first Supernatural novel has been written by none other than Keith R.A DeCandido (a.k.a. kradical), who most will recognize as he wrote the Serenity novelization. It's nothing new that popular television series have had book series based off of the creation, some that's a hit-or-miss and are debated as whether it's considered canon or not, but nevertheless this is exciting news for Supernatural fans as this is the first ever novel to arrive with more to come. The book is titled Evermore, and the cover looks hot. ALSO, for those unaware, there will be a Supernatural comic book series. Starting with: Supernatural Origins, Vol. 1, taking place between the years where John Winchester hunted the supernatural and trained Sam and Dean to do the same. It is scheduled for a May 2nd release, and already you can pre-order the second edition of the graphic novel, Supernatural Origins, Vol. 2.

-♠- Cap'n Tightpants Is Drivin'...: More recently there's been previews for Nathan Fillion's new FOX series, Drive. You can watch the preview here, and it actually looks pretty interesting. Let's just hope FOX has the nerve to not axe this prematurely before anything else. Amy Acker is also co-starring in the series, playing the wife of Nathan's character, the leading role of the series, who is kidnapped and he is "driven" to enter this race in order to rescue her. Official website.

-♠- Are You On The List?: There's an all new and extended trailer/preview for the return of Heroes on April 23rd. And yes, the trailer does include spoilers, so you have been forewarned. But nevertheless it looks freaking amazing.

-♠- The Songstress Kuu-Chan Does It Again: Koda Kumi has another PV out, though not exactly officially released like her previous ones. For her BEST ~2nd Session~ tour she performed the song "Love Goes Like..." with a video specifically created playing behind her. This is that video, which is featured on the BEST ~2nd Session~ DVD as a special featurette, I believe. Those who want to view the incredibly creative/dark/mysterious video, watch it here: "Love Goes Like...". There was another PV version of the song, featuring Kuu on a motorcycle and scenes of her on a silk bed covered with rose petals, but I haven't seen that anywhere else other than YouTube, however it was taken down.
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