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Do or do not, there is no try.

More interview questions, this time from yourheartsighs:

1. What do you want in the future?
Ah, many things. Primarily holding a career that I love and enjoy while making obscene amounts of money (possibly participating or owning my own dance company or studio with a group of dancer friends), living inside a gigantic house or mansion, having a family of my own and not only earning enough for that kind of a living, but using my time well without anything stressful in my life. Of course that's all wishful thinking, but it's a dream that I can either accomplish or semi-accomplish if I continue going down the path that I know will probably lead to that kind of life.

2. If you could buy one thing on DVD right now, what would it be?
Only one thing? I've craving right now the first season of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, which will be imported from Canada, or possibly the first season of The Tribe which I have yet to see.

3. What is the most comfortable thing to sleep in?
A light tank top and underwear, especially right now because it's getting warmer during the night.

4. Ever been to another country?
Sadly, no I haven't. I would like to though, definitely.

5. Where do you want to visit the most?
Out-of-the-country wise, I'd like to visit all over. Like take a trip to as many places worldwide as possible, to live and experience different countries, nations and societies. I have this urge just to get out of this country and view the world from a different perspective; I'd like to get the firsthand experience to just take a break from the hectic life I live and see what other places are like, educate myself more. That's what I'm hoping will happen sometime in the future of my life. As for current places to visit right now, probably just visit some relatives that I haven't seen in quite some time.

I just finished watching a biography program on Angelina Jolie. That woman is amazing, I love her. Also, I just got notified that Supernatural isn't new this week, it's next week. Grr. I want my Winchesters, dammit.
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