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Life is all but a fairytale, since the story doesn't end.

1. I'm thinking about going out to dinner, either tonight (though unlikely) or tomorrow night. I haven't been out to a resturant in a while and, while I like cooking for myself there's something about having the occasional dinner outing that makes things just a little more refreshing then having the wonder "hmm, what in the hell am I going to serve myself tonight?" without it being leftovers from the previous night.

2. Korean Music Friending Meme. ♥

3. Speaking of Korean artists, Hyori Lee finally has a MV for her song "Toc Toc Toc". Well, technically it really isn't a music video per se, it's just a collection of the performances she did in promotion of the song (one being where she first performed it in a light pink corset and knee-length leather boots which looks amazingly hot) along with some clips from her new upcoming television drama. I would've liked it to have been story-driven like her previous MVs, slightly like the AnyCall videos, but this works as well. Hyori looks hot either way, of course. Unfortunately there isn't a place to watch it online yet, however you can watch the live performance she did at the Comeback Special.

4. Apparently, Stargate Atlantis returns tonight so I'll have to endure listening to my sister squee about it, and restraining myself from strangling her....

5. Oh, and today's Friday the 13th. No wonder I had a midterm exam.
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