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It's a Brave New World.

I just want to give warm welcome greetings to those I've met through the KMusic Friending Meme (casually, jirucloud, and roogba). It's a pleasure meeting new friends of similar interests, and I hope to get to know each of you better in the future. To give a brief overview of what goes on within my journal, basically ramblings of my fandoms, which I have plenty of, rantings if I do desire to post them and other fannish squeeage. I also write about college and my future plans and aspirations of a career. So, there you go. Hopefully that didn't scare you away too much. Hee.

Now, interview questions from starcrossed:

01. Were you a Hayden fan before you saw her in Heroes?
I recognized her from other projects before, but I didn't really call myself a fan until I saw her performance in Heroes, which she does fantastically. I'm actually thinking about renting Bring It On: All Or Nothing solely because she's in it.

02. Do you consider Heroes to be your favourite fandom right now?
Yes, without a doubt. Of course it's tied with Battlestar Galactica, however since that finished its third season and the fourth isn't coming until 2008! ZOMG!, Heroes wins in that category since we'll be off this ridicuously long hiatus on the 23rd, which isn't arriving quickly enough.

03. What got you into K Pop/J Pop?
Years ago I was searching for new artists because I was getting sick and tired of hearing the same ones over the radio and on television all the time, and while I was on this hunt I discovered the fabulous young Korean artist Kwon BoA (known as BoA). Immediately I fell in love with not only her style, but how she performed and her enthusiasm and amazing talent. My introduction started with her, as she was the gateway to the many favorite Asian artists. Though it doesn't stop at just KPop and JPop, I listen to many foreign artists worldwide and it doesn't matter what language, if it's something I find enjoyable to listen to then I'm a happy camper. I've been told I have quite a diverse music collection and it's true, I love broadening my musical taste. I guess the true introduction to this is caused by the Internet, of allowing me to explore, download, experience and purchase the millions of artists I know and love today.

04. Does the whole Asian fandom thing appeal to you? Do you watch Asian TV shows, movies, anime etc?
Asian culture appeals to me in general, since I am Asian and I want to get in touch and connect with that aspect of my heritage background and learning more about my ancestory. Fandom-wise, I'm quite different from others who are invested in such things like manga and anime. I don't like anime, it's just never been my thing. Manga is iffy with me, I've only read two series (Angel Sanctuary and Battle Royale) but most others never caught my attention, so my personal discretion is reading novels over manga. Asian dramas on the other hand, I do indeed watch and like. Because of the limitations of those dramas here in the States I use a different method of discovering and viewing those dramas, most of I research and learn through DramaWiki. I also like foreign films better, as well. But as a whole, there are things I like and dislike within these fandoms, much like my other fandoms. But instead of focusing my attention on just the entertainment purposes that Asia gives, I also like educating myself about the different cultures, their history and so forth.

05. What do you plan to do after college?
Heh, I'll cross that bridge when the time comes. Right now I'm focusing on finishing my remaining semesters and seeing if I can transfer to another university or to another college where I can focus primarily on the subject I'm majoring in.

Last night I watched The Plague, a horror-film that aired on SciFi. It was a pretty good movie, not entirely phenomenal, but it was well-constructed that left many questions unanswered and almost had a zombie-and-alien feel to it. I continued watching mainly for James Van Der Beek though because, hot damn. I know some people will continue to associate his name with Dawson Leery, however if you look passed that he does have great acting chops, especially when he played the multiple-personality psychotic serial killer in Criminal Minds. He does a great intense look, and can go from being vulnerable to scary in seconds. Not only that, the man has some nice biceps on him. *shallow moment*

I also did watch Painkiller Jane on Friday, and I thought it was good as well. Though I only caught the last 35 minutes, while I was watching I kept thinking "this is exactly what Claire Bennet is going to do in the future." Which is not a bad idea in itself, actually. Overall, I liked it and might as well stay tuned for the next episode.
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