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PSA: Deafening Sounds of Violence

I'm pretty sure everyone's heard about the horrible incident at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, Virginia. It's been all over the news, talked about on online blogs and I'm sure everyone who lives or has friends/family who lives in that area is incredibly worried. Such a depressing and devastating incident to have happen. When CNN replayed the captured video a witness took at the time of the shooting, not only do you hear the poppings of the guns but screaming as well. Truly horrific.

32 people dead and many others injured, this has been reported as the deadliest shooting massacre in U.S. history outnumbering the Columbine incident and the massacre at the University of Texas back in 1966.

I know most have questioned what happened earlier today, wondering about what kind of individuals would do such things to others, and since the gunman responsible committed suicide we'll never know or understand his prime motive for this action. I mirror people's sentiments on the subject, but more to the point I'm just incredibly thankful with living the life I have now. I'm saddened for those who have lost someone and I give my deepest condolesnces, though this puts things into another perspective. After the Columbine incident there were numerous times my junior high and high school got threats by students, they never went through of course but the concept of this happening at any time to anybody across the nation, even all over the world, is a terrifying reality. This is a time for grieving, but also a time to take a step back from our busy and hectic lives we life and take a look around us, and be thankful for what we have and the people we share it with. We should do this everyday and enjoy life as we can, though sometimes I feel that we also take it for granted. These were normal people leading regular lives and going to school, when suddenly gunshots are fired, and within seconds people are dead.

The tragic incident at Virginia Tech is devastating and makes you question humanity. Life is cold and cruel, but we as a people don't have to be. In closing, I'd like to give out my thoughts to those who lost someone in the terrible tragedy today.
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