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SPN: "Hollywood Babylon" Reaction Review

Completely lighthearted episode, which was an interesting shift and you know once you entire the Hollywood scene you're going to have to witness some of the cheese of horror films. Immediately I knew the first scene was on the movie set and boy, does that actress suck at acting! Worst. Scream. Ever. Even her real scream after finding the dead body wasn't even better. But it was funny when the director guy smiled after hearing her scream and announced "now that's what I'm talking about!" Heh.

Hee at the Gilmore Girls mention and the Canada comment. I totally cracked up! Sam's expression was priceless!

This entire episode I laughed uncontrollably at the brothers, particularly when Dean was distracted by being a PA on the horror film set and Sam looking at him like he's on crack. Dean's love the mini-sandwiches, getting to call "cut!" and talk into the headphone set, and talk with the pretty-but-not-a-great-actress girl. HEE! Sam suggesting the ghosts are haunting the set because of the movie being bad is actually a valid reason, and I wouldn't blame the ghosts either. Also, FAKE HORROR MOVIE TRAILER was freaking awesome, at first I thought it was real but then, seeing as how badly it was put together, I started laughing.

"Why would ghosts be afraid of salt?" Dean was totally smirking at them.

The end when it's revealed the original writer used real black magic to conquer the ghosts to kill for him for Hollywood ruining his story, loved the symbolism. Hollywood does tend to do that. Lowering the true horror by adding in the tits, ass, sexual innuendos with bad actors just for extra cash in their wallets. Of course, I have my own bitter opinions based off that but I'm glad it was focused on here, though the dude should've researched more into black magic before destroying the amulet.

Dean gets sexed up = FTW! HEE.

That last scene was pure hilarity. Dean and Sam walking in front of the fake foreground and the people moving it with Dean saying, "I love this town." Oh, so typical and cliche, yet so perfect for this episode. Lighthearted and hilarious, not completely scary as other episodes have been but I'm sure that was the point.

Next episode is a Supernatural meets Prison Break. Hell yeah!
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