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It's magically delicious

Yesterday I saw PoA for the fourth time now, in six days. I think I broke my movie-theater-going record, in which I am proud to say I am not done seeing this film. I am actually planning on going to see it once again sometime this week with my sister and seeing it twice this weekend with our father, who did take us to yesterday’s showing.

Also, I am really dying to see PoA in the IMAX Theater but unfortunately the one that’s downtown in our area hasn’t got a schedule on showing the movie. All they say is, “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban this summer” and that’s it. No precise dates, no nothing. So, even though patience is a virtue, it’s a real pain in the ass! I’ve been hearing that everyone who’d experienced PoA at IMAX thought it was spectacular and it has more detail than a regular theater, and I a jealous because I am trying to point out all the minor details in the film – and because IMAX is much clearer than DVD quality I am uber jealous of those who got to see it in that experience.

But yeah, the movie was good. No, not just good – fantabulous! Way better than the first two, and it has that kind of flowing intensity that should’ve been there in the first place. I shall have my full-length review for the film soon, as well as my worshipping praise to Alfonso Cuaron and his pure genius mind for creating this masterpiece film.

Though I have to say, after the fourth viewing of the film I’ve been noticing all the details that I haven’t seen when I first saw the film at the midnight showing. The symbolisms and notable reoccurrences that is seen throughout the film, and looking for clues to what might be foreshadowing in the remaining of the series is all I’ve been trying to locate during my last visit to the theater. I’ve been listening closely to the conversations and looking specifically to what the characters and doing and saying or the way things are filmed, and among other things I’ve been visually observing the surroundings and the scenery (which is absolutely gorgeous in the film) to try and pinpoint what those clues might be.

My entire review for the movie will come eventually. But beware when it does, because I have a tendency to ramble. I will also be venting on the nitpickers of the film and why their logic isn’t very logical at all, and why they’re not thinking outside the box.

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