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*ahem* Now that's out of the way, I must mention that this show just keeps getting better and better. However, exactly when does D.L. realize about the whole Jessica/Niki deal, and where did that extra scene in the previouslies come from? That whole thing confused me, though I'm glad that Jessica knows the boundaries about working with Linderman and when to not cross that line with involving Micah.

I know we still aren't clear about Candice's story, but so far this bad girl getup she has going isn't going well for me.

Okay, I love Nathan Petrelli. I literally squeed when he came onscreen.

Peter's dead. Peter's not dead. CLAIRE FIGURED IT OUT, surprise considering she had to deal with the same thing. "I guess we're even now". HEE! That whole scene, the crying from both Mama Petrelli and Nathan and Claire entering the scene, that whole scene was great.

Sylar. You one twisted motherfucker. Is it bad that I love your sarcasm?

HRG! Communing with Matt telepathically! OMG, that was brillant, and very much like Sam's (copperbadge's) The Hiatus Continuations Heroes fanfic series. It's uncanny. I also liked how HRG knew that Claire wasn't Claire, because really why would she wear her cheerleading outfit to see him? Seriously.

Peter with slicked back hair! Gotta love it.

Oh Mohinder, Mohinder....please don't get involved with any more baddies. You have renewed my love for you, don't get confused yet again. Join Hiro and Ando! Join Nathan Petrelli!

Poor Isaac. It was inevitable, I know, but I'm glad he understood his destiny. He understood and took charge of it, and yes, Isaac, you are a hero. RIP, my little heroin addict friend. PS, you paint MUCH BETTER than Sylar does, FYI.

HIRO and FUTURE!HIRO meet face to freaking face! I knew it was coming because, come on, anyone who's seen the previews knows this. But still, way cool. Plus, the timeline? I was like "WTF is happening" to "OMG that is so cool" to "OMGWTF NO WAY". Yeah.

OMG the next episode is going to TOTALLY FUCKING RULE. Into the future, here we go!

ETA: Forgot to mention the cockroach! Yay for symbolism!

ETA2: Another thing to ponder: where the fuck was the Haitian? Wasn't he there with Mama Petrelli, speaking their secret code French to one another in the previous episode? I want him back, man. He's one cool cat.

More incoherent thoughts swirling around in my head, and much needed to be processed. Too much excitement. But yeah, I'm just really happy to have my show back. Finally! More to look forward to on Mondays once again. Oh Heroes, how I've missed you so.
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