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Remember, reading makes you smartererer.

First of all, happy birthday to missambs! Wishing the best on this very special day, girlie.

In light of the Interests Meme that's been floating around, grdnofevrythng gave me these three things to explain:

Deadly Little Miho: Miho is one of my favorite characters from Sin City. She's lethally silent, swift, viciously ruthless but most of all, she is incredibly loyal to those she protects. I was immediately drawn to the character for her skills and abilities with weaponry and will slice and dice anybody within a blink of an eye. Also, in the film adaptations she's portrayed by Devon Aoki, one of my favorite model-actresses that can actually work it on the big screen, and she does a fantastic job making Miho memorable and believable. If I were to ever have a personal body guard, it would definitely have to be her.

Violet/Klaus: From A Series of Unfortunate Events, though admittingly this is more towards the influence of the movie adaptation rather than in the books, because the two actors who played Violet and Klaus Baudelaire had sizzling chemistry on screen. Yes they are brother and sister however, just like with Simon/River, it's all about the chemistry.

London Tipton: Ah, what can I say about the fabulous London Tipton? I'll give you the shorthand version. She's a character from the Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and is my favorite character of the entire show, and is practically the only reason why I continue watching it. First, Brenda Song is an incredibly talented actress, not to mention adorable, and is pretty much the only actor from the DC that I don't want to smack upside the head. Secondly, the character of London is a mockery of Paris Hilton, though while slightly dimwitted London has expressed various times where she's intelligent and sympathetic and makes human mistakes, and has shown signs of true character growth. Also, have you seen her wardrobe? It's simply to die for! Overall, she's hilarious, gorgeous, adorable, has her moments that are really emotional, and despite being born into wealth is a decent person who learns from her mistakes and knows her boundaries. Hell, they should just create a show all about London Tipton. Believe me, I'd be tuning in every week for that.

In other news, last night due to Internet connection failures (which are still acting wacky, but only sporatically) I actually watched AI for the first time, like ever. I had vowed to never watch that show, or any other reality show for that matter. Except this wasn't your typical AI episode because it was a charity event and the segments of stars visiting places of poverty along the U.S. and in Africa was pretty touching. But the "voting off" segment of the contestants was a complete copout. Oh well, not like I cared either way. I only watched to see certain celebrities (Hugh Laurie, Keira Knightly, Sarah Michelle Gellar and others lip-syncing and dancing to "Stayin' Alive" was pure hilarity on crack). But was disappointed that Daniel Radcliffe wasn't shown, when they said specifically he was going to be appearing.

Another unfortunate thing is that Nathan Fillion's series Drive has been cancelled. It was only a matter of time because, hello, it is FOX we're talking about. But still, damn.

But to make things happier: GIP. Because I ♥ Namie Amuro. Plus, new Supernatural tonight!
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