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Holy hot humid days.

Just as the subject suggests, one of the ways I can tell it's officially spring other than blooming flowers and leaves growing back on trees, is the humidity floating around in the air. As much as I love springtime here, I'm not anticipating the upcoming summer heat waves where it'll get over 100 degrees and perhaps a cautioned Spare The Air days. On the upside, I finally get to wear the new cute clothes I previously bought and enjoy being outside and doing things I couldn't have done during the autumn or winter seasons, like barbeques, going swimming and getting a tan.

Going with the flow of memes that I have to complete, there's that ten-favorite-things-letter-association meme. yourheartsighs had given me the letter 'M':

1. Morning Musume
Admittingly, I am a H!P fangirl. H!P (Hello! Project) is the title of the Japanese cooperation designed for the organization of young female groups and artists all signed underneath the same contract. One of these projects is Morning Musume. They're bouncy, have cutesy voices, silly and often times experiment with some sexy styles, but continue to reserve the innocence and cuteness of their image which makes them much more appealing. Some girls sing better than others, but overall their energetic personalities is what is so damn adorable about them. Yes, Momusu creates the typical cutesy pop songs, however there's something unique of how they do it, and it's something I can't explain in words. They are in their eighth generation now, and I'm addicted to their new song "Kanashimi Twilight".

2. Michael C. Hall
Plays protagonist serial killer and forensic analyst Dexter Morgan in the Showtime series, Dexter (was also previously was on Six Feet Under). It's the brand new show I've just discovered and should've discovered earlier because it's so freaking good and addictive and morbidly fun. He's hilarious, and portrays such a character that you feel for despite him being a serial killer. Seriously, Michael is one talented actor and I enjoy watching him.

3. Massages
Seriously now, who doesn't love massages? I'm actually craving one right now...

4. Musicality
Being a dancer, this is probably the most important fundamentals for dancing. Finding the different tempos and listening to the change of beats makes it easier to dance to certain songs. Instead of looking at everyone else for what to do next, paying attention to the musicality will have you automatically learn the moves. For me, I like listening to counts and to the musicality; counting in my head and, if the music is lyrical I listen to the words along with the tempos and beats. I'm currently doing this for our routine, and it works extremely well. This also helps choreographers to make up dances on the spot, by just listening to the song and seeing which movements work best.

5. Midnight Society
Anyone from my generation who's a fan of Are You Afraid of the Dark? should automatically understand this. Ever since watching this show many years ago I've always wanted to be part of a Midnight Society. It was a simple concept that caught my attention and, being a fan, I really wanted to do something similar to it. Though without the creativity to really maintain my own Midnight Society, I actually wanted to be part of their group. Yes, I was that obsessed with it, and still am.

6. Muscle shirts
As a female, I feel no shame in wanting to see men I find really attractive and hot wearing them. I'm shallow in that aspect, what can I say?

7. Mystery Science Theater 3000
A man and his robot friends wisecracking, making fun of and snarking up horribly bad movies (sometimes the 1940/1950s propaganda shorts that came before), and having hilarious skits before, during and after. Definitely a worthwhile pastime and entertainment value, if I do say so myself. After getting introduced to this phenomenal cult series I've been addicted to the MSTing of bad B-Grade movies by Joel (or Mike in the later seasons) and the robots Tom Servo and Crow, and have been collecting the DVD sets for a while now. Great one-liners, low-budget creation but it's meant to not be larger-than-life of production for MST3K; it was all about the fun, and if you listen to the theme song you'll understand that it was made that way on purpose. I've actually, unashamedly, picked up the habit of MSTing some movies I find bad, or just having the television on mute and me and my sister, and sometimes my mother, will make hilarious comments to what's happening. it's an awesome show.

8. Meiko Kaji
She's a Japanese singer/actress who's become one of my favorites. In the 1970s, Meiko had been in numerous of movies, especially exploitation films such as the Female Prisoner Scorpion films and, though as the lead she had limited speaking lines, she's most known for her versatility through her expressions, as she gives the perfect icy glare that can melt even the toughest motherfucker out there. She later plays in the legendary cult classic Lady Snowblood. Her music is featured in most of those films, and is currently working on another album as some sources say. Another notable thing about Meiko Kaji is her stunning natural beauty and how she carries herself in her works.

9. Milk
I love drinking milk, it's part of my everyday consumption. Either for breakfast, lunch, dinner or anywhere else in between, I just have to have my daily intake of milk. I'm sometimes baffled when people talk about disliking milk, unless they're lactose intolerant or hardcare vegans, because they often say things like "oh, I hate milk...unless it's in cereal" or "oh, I hate milk...unless it's chocolate milk". I don't know. I guess because I've always had milk with my meals since childhood I always thought it was natural that everybody had at least a glass a day. But whatever, I love milk. It does a body good, and it's healthily delicious!

10. Money
Come on, I couldn't leave this out from the list could I? It's pretty self-explanatory, really.

In terms of new fandoms, I'm now addicted to Dexter and Painkiller Jane. And the new future!Heroes episode is tonight! Yays!
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