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You don't know who you are, until you know where you've been.

1. Tonight's Criminal Minds 2.21, "Open Season": It was on the disturbing level (but which CM episode isn't?), especially with the two unsubs were condescending and laughing mockingly when the girl they kidnapped started screaming for help in the middle of the wilderness. This shows not only the lack of compassion for other people, but lack of humanity and remorse for what they're doing. It's true, they hunt people like they're animals and take them to a secluded area in the wilderness where there is no escape and no one could hear them. Granted because this is criminal profiling there's always a backstory to how or why they became like this, and with their background it's no wonder they turned out the way they did. The two brothers' motive was hunting people was all they'd ever known, trained by their uncle who did the same thing, so they were just following his sadistic tradition. It was a little depressing in the end, though.

I was cheering when the kidnapped girl used survivalist skills and common sense, planning a strategy to fight back against her attackers rather than run without any knowledge of where she was headed. Taking the knife from one of the campers and using it as a weapon and stabbing the guy, climbing the tree and pouncing on his brother. I was like, you go girl! It's nice to see the victims trying to find ways out of the situation they're in, fighting to stay alive and using smart, if not completely drastic, methods. Especially when the victim can outsmart their opponent while playing at their own game. I felt back about the campers she bumped into and got caught in the crossfire. It was a sick and twisted game the unsubs were playing, so it's ironic when the hunters become the hunted in the very end.

I liked the comparison and thoughtfulness of what Emily Prentiss had mentioned, about how profilers and the unsubs all think the same way, just with different motives; it's all about morality. Criminal profilers are meant to think like the criminals they are after, it's their job. The unsubs they were tracking down were hunting random and innocent people for entertainment, and the BAU team were hunting them to stop their sadistic game. It's something to ponder about, because we automatically think that criminals aren't in their right state of mind --- but sometimes, in ways, neither is normal society which is why, in their view, is why they choose to do what they do to justify their means. They think they are in the right, and society is to blame or society are the animals. Then again, it's all based on their enviornment backgrounds and morality teachings. It differs for everyone. I'm probably thinking too much about this, and it probably doesn't make any kind of sense, but there it is.

For the other lighthearted stuff in the episode, Morgan is looking mighty fine as usual, the cuteness between him and Garcia are always a hoot to watch, AJ is gorgeous and such a polite little gal especially with talking with the sheriff in the beginning. The beginning scene with Prentiss, Garcia and AJ was hilarious. And I'm warming up to Prentiss, though I still miss Elle. But I'll always miss Elle. Overall, this was another good one. Though I'm wondering if they're still going to air the school shooting episode, since they placed it on hold the week of the VTech shooting recently, which is understandable. But I do hope it gets aired soon, rather than it being missed completely.

2. In response to Monday, I have this to say: Heroes owns my soul.

3. Today wasn't the greatest day ever, in fact the majority of it was incredibly sucky. I'll probably have something written about that later in better detail, but yeah. Rather bummed and underwhelmed. The weather partially has something to do with it (as it freaking rained this morning, it's MAY and it's supposed to be WARM since it's SPRINGTIME goddammit). I just want this week to be over with so I can relax and lounge about, without the mindcramps of stress and worries.
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