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I'm a superhero with superpowers....with a super-ego.

Apparently, Paris Hilton will be in the slammer for about 45 days due to violating probation. Heh, her attorney and mostly everyone else associated with her thinks it's digustingly unfair, but I digress. She broke the law, she has to suffer the consequences. Besides, it's not like she's going into a real jail anyway.

Stargate Atlantis - 3.14 - "Tao of Rodney"

I really enjoyed this episode because a.) it was all about Rodney McKay, another character I love and b.) he inquires superpowers by a device created by the Ancients, with much hilarity, wackiness, and drama ensues!

What I liked most was how utterly fanboyish and giddy he seemed with his newly discovered powers after getting whammied with the device, if a little skiddish in the beginning because since they had little knowledge about what the thing actually was and fear about being disfigured and his DNA altering and Lord knows what else (hee for Sheppard mentioning the bug incident). But once realizing he was gaining superpowers his anxiety turned into excitedness. Also, others wanting to use the device to get those superpowers too. Hee. But with all that giddiness comes a price, and the rest of the episode features Rodney trying to solve the "ascension" situation through simple scientific explanation when, really, there isn't one.

Though I really liked how he went to everyone on the team, telling them things he normally wouldn't say or do if he wasn't on his deathbed. Like with Carson, apologizing for his ultra-intelligent pigheaded arrogantness or irritability (which is why I love him so), going to Ronon and Weir, and the scene with Teyla was incredibly sweet. Awww. The scene with Sheppard and the meditation thing was hilarious, I loved that interaction.

The "Batman and Ronon" scene got me, especially when Ronon said, "if you continue eating like that it'll be 'fatman'." Hee! Gotta love Ronon. The scene where Rodney is reading everyone's minds and responding to them even when they weren't saying anything, and their expressions were of being frightened and confused all at once was priceless. Though I felt bad for Rodney, but he still kept with the funny. But when he died, then quickly returned to mentally give Carson the answer to reverse the effects using the device...that was awesome.

Overall, I still like Rodney as just how he is, with that SuperEgo of his and all.

Painkiller Jane - 1.04 - "Catch Me If You Can"

A Neuro who possesses the ability to see the future warns Jane that three members of her team would wind up dead, along with himself, and to stay far away from him as possible to prevent that from happening. The team thinks he's leading them on, but Jane refuses to believe he's the one causing harm because he's not doing the damage...he's just warning others about the danger he's seen in his visions. But soon realizes that destiny cannot be changed, that she was meant to do the things and because of her ability, can break those chains of events and save her team. But fails to save the Neuro, Ethan, from his own death.

So it's been established that Jane Vasko has a boyfriend. We know nothing about him as of yet, and he knows nothing about her regarding her rapid regenerating. However I like the partnership between Jane and Andre. They don't always agree on the same terms, but there's that certain level of trust and chemistry seen that I think, if there's the possibility, of something happening between them. I don't know, I just like how they interact with one another.

I'm really loving Painkiller Jane, and while the show is still in its beginning stages it has lots of potential. I like the filming style, the sharpness of the picture and, of course, Kristanna Loken.

I know this isn't the first time the concept has been featured in a series, but I got the Isaac Mendez connection once realizing this future-predicting Neuro drew pictures of what he'd seen (this is due to being on a Heroes kick lately, and I'm already missing Isaac from the picture already). Also in the end, after we learn he was buying and stocking loads of survivalist supplies and firearms, that he saw something that was going to happen in the future. Something he didn't like to see, and perhaps if Jane had attempted to save him he could've been a help to understand and prevent it from happening, whatever it was.
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