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Everyone wants to be a hero.

1. Thoughts on tonight's Heroes, 1.21 "The Hard Part": This was another great episode that was mindtwirling. Everything is coming together, characters are meeting and reuniting, unexpected partnerships, revelations, and the big mystery is about to explode. Literally. Though this was more of a character study than anything, more scenes with Sylar than anyone else. Speaking of which...

DAMN YOU ZACHARY QUINTO FOR MAKING ME LIKE SYLAR! I seriously feel horrible for the poor guy. His entire life he's been told he could do so much better in life, be someone bigger and special, when he was just a mere repairman and maker of watches and clocks because that was his specialty, knowing how things worked. His act of repentance and forgiveness from his mother was heartbreaking, considering after he saw what he could do after he saw himself taking Ted's ability, all he really wanted was to make sense of it all. His mother was his last salvation, his own means of grounding himself to whatever humanity he had left. It was really sad, especially seeing that human side of him. Without acting, without playing part of the game. Just being himself, Gabriel Gray.

Loved the Peter and Claire scenes. The reunion with Mr. Bennet and Claire at the end was so sweet, I smiled when they embraced and he said "I love you Clairebear." Aww, I squeed.

Uh-oh, Peter is now absorbing Ted's power. Now there's THREE possibilities over who the exploding man could be: Ted, Peter or Sylar (assuming that Sylar gets to Ted, first). OH SNAP!

Best part though? Claire exclaiming "You can fly? That's kinda cool." HEE! That was nicely delivered.

Now I'm not sure which side to believe, which makes this show incredibly mindblowing and mindfucking all at once. See, there's the Linderman situation where they are willing to risk thousands of lives in New York to save billions worldwide, something that Nathan is questioning whether he should accept the presidential offer or not. Everyone just wants to live their lives without the complications. Now that we know the Linderman act and The Company are working underneath to same deal, if not together, on the whole thing. And that Mama Petrelli is part of it (whatever ability she possesses or how much knowledge she knows, and what she has seen and why she wants to protect Claire). GAH! So many questions, so many theories and speculations and not enough TIME to write them all down right now. GAH!! This show gives me a headache....but the good kind. The good!crack kind. Heh. This show owns me, like whoa. I'm going to have to review this on a more thorough level, which possible speculations because this is one mindfucking fandom. I still have to place my thoughts on the previous one, since that episode was insane. But yeah.

2. Okay, I've been listening to Hilary Duff's new album "Dignity" for some odd reason. I don't even care for her that much, and yet her newest songs are addictive. I blame my sister for that though, for repeating the songs over and over and getting them inside my head!

3. More exciting news concerning fandom: Medium has been picked up for a fourth season! I'm completely psyched, since I simply love that show. Of course, it would be better to move it back to its original timeslot (Monday's at 10pm) instead Wednesdays, as I keep forgetting. It totally screws up my schedule. Besides, wouldn't it be a great lineup for it to air directly after Heroes? It definitely would make things more convienient for me, personally.
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