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Maybe I'm too stoned to tell....

Continuation with the storyline of Foreman resigning from House's team because of his guilt over killing a girl based on false judgment and not wanting to become an emotionless bastard, more or less, like our beloved Gregory House. On one hand I can understand feeling guilty about accidentally killing a patient, and such a fatal mistake can lead to many problems with ethical and moral issues. His objection of becoming House? Kind of extravagant considering that House, while unethical and a sarcastic son-of-a-bitch, does whatever possible to cure the illness. Sure, he doesn't necessarily care about his patients (a la Cameron's emotional connections with them), but I doubt that Foreman would ever become House, or what he fears of becoming. Over the last three seasons there has been a change in Foreman as a doctor. When he first came onto the scene he disliked House and questioned the way he worked things, but gradually Foreman began to understand him. Not necessarily transforming into a replica of, but acknowledging how House thinks in terms of being a doctor. Although he did have those asshole-ish traits that came out, like admitting to hating Chase and calling on Cameron for being weak which in her case is pretty accurate, so perhaps that qualifies to an early "buh-bye" to Eric Foreman.

The guilt over accidentally killing someone is certainly understandable, though throughout this entire episode he kept using the excuse of "not wanting to be like House" when, really, that's only half the reason. Chase was spot on when seeing passed what both House and Foreman were showing on the outside. Foreman is ashamed of his reason, and House is ashamed of letting him go because of that reason. Interesting, and I'm wondering if he does resign for good unless House can convince him to stay, although it seems unlikely since Foreman has already made up his mind about leaving.

Speaking of which, if Foreman does leave the team I seriously do hope House considers hiring that nutritionist. I mean, come on, how they interacted it's inevitable and so damned, it's Piper Perabo for goodness sakes!

About this week's medical case, that was quite a disturbing scene. Exploding BRAINS! But then again, I'm the twisted individual that likes those kinds of graphic scenes in shows/movies so it was pretty cool, if unsettling at how her head combusted without her or anyone else's knowledge before she started complaining that her head hurt. I hope they didn't automatically tell her, that would've caused much more shock and hysteria. Though the cause of it being lack of proteins and the patient's attempt at suicide through dish washing liquid (I think that's what it was?) was interesting. It's all about the connections man, Wilson and House testing each other about depression, the suicide attempt. It all comes together in the end. I liked that during the operation on the brain House was recording the whole procedure...that was more funny than it should've been, but come on. He's House! It's to be expected.

House drugging Wilson for an experiment about depression, making Wilson all jittery and hyper and feeling like he's "on speeeeed" was hilarious! And Wilson doing the same thing to House, only making him smiling and happy was also FOR THE WIN.

But WTF Cameron? Sneaking into House's apartment, only for a wakeup call? Seriously, go away.

House/Wilson = BFFs forever, even when hungover with the Happy Drugs. And House/Cuddy = UST-Buddies, and Chase/Cameron = In Denial sexcapades. Plus, if the Piper Perabo stays for a while I'm thinking some House/Nutritionist playfulness is called into order. Because, hello, the hotness.

Also, I completely forgot to mention last week's episode, but House's new pimp!cane totally equals as the new Metallicane. Bitchin' indeed.

Now here's something that I felt would never reach the surface from this fandom: Hello! Project wankage. Of course, there's been plenty of other fanwankiness from them before, and this certainly isn't the biggest ever, but it's still the first that's been announced as fandom wankage in Fandom Wank. Shorthand version: Morning Musume's "graduated" member Tsuji Nozomi, who after leaving collaborated with another group called "W", and then to another group shortly thereafter called Gyaruru, has been announced to be pregnant and planning on marrying on her 20th birthday. Apparently, Momusu fangirls are flipping their shit and going ballistic, at least according to several JMusic and MM forums. One of the biggest concerns is the future of the Gyaruru group and her image, especially being with someone seven years older than her for no more than possibly a year and some (for the record, she's 19 and her husband-to-be is 26).

This isn't anything new, other girls underneath the UFG contract that have done something that seems blasphemous at not perserving their innocent image has been called upon being "scandalous". But still, the reactions to this are hilarious. Oh well, I'm happy for Nono.
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