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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Finally, ladies and gentlemen, here is my entire review of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban film, director by Alfonso Cuaron. I shall be going in categories. The characters and actors, the entire film itself, and what I loved and adored about the film. Beware, is it long.



Harry/Daniel – an absolute outstanding performance! I loved Harry’s emotional points in the movie, his sarcastic wit, snarky humor, and angsty moments. This film really foreshadows what happens in the fifth book Dan’s acting skills have both increased and improved tremendously; I felt connected with Harry’s character. His performance shined through this go around – the spirit of Harry was present in everything, his speech, his attitude, his emotions, and his reactions. Daniel wasn’t just playing Harry in the film he was Harry, through-and-through. Watching Prisoner of Azkaban gave me chills and tears, because I know exactly what’s going to happen to him (and so do those who’ve read books 4 and 5). I am stunned and amazed by everything about the character; I am in complete awe. His performance was brilliant. I applaud Daniel for doing a remarkable job. Anyone who says that Dan cannot act needs to be shot in the face. Seriously.

Hermione/Emma – I adored Emma’s performance and Hermione’s character in this film. Some complained that this was not Book!Hermione, because there was no insecurities like there was in the book, no bookwormish traits, and how the screenwriter gave Emma Ron’s line, blah, blah, blah … I’m here to tell you that those things are, yes, important in the book, however is irrelevant to what Alfonso was trying to show us about the story. I mean, sure, Hermione is supposed to be a nerdish bookworm school-aholic, and she is technically but not in a stereotypical kind of way. She was taking multiple classes with the Time-Turner, was she not? Anyway, Emma really kicks butt in this film and it just shows that Hermione is a normal 13-year-old girl.

Ron/Rupert – Well, I do agree that there wasn’t enough of Ron in the film, and because they are the dynamic trio it would be obvious that Ron would at least play a bigger role of the best friend of Harry. Kind of like Xander not playing the witty comical sidekick best friend to Buffy. But aside from that, all the Ron scenes were bloody fantastic. Rupert has really grown up (and no more of his voice breaking), and has done an excellent job in creating the Ron Weasley character. He was soft of the comic relief in the film, but so was everyone else on screen as well. He cracked me up so many times: “Spiders! They want me to tap dance! I don’t want to tap dance!” Hilarious.

Draco/Tom – Oh man, this is EXACTLY the Draco Malfoy that I love. A very pushy, mean-spirited, drawling, sneering Draco yet has insecurities when fighting or facing things alone without his father or his lackeys to back him up. He’s a total wanker yet a pansy-ass wuss at the same time, and that’s the Draco Malfoy we should see. Tom Felton has got the character down all right. I adore the hair! Much better than the plastered down gelled hair that made him look like a Ken Doll. Plus, ultra-slashiness that my sister had to point out: the first word he says in the film was, “Potter!” *smirk*

Remus/Thewlis – If I wasn’t in love with Lupin before I certainly am now. David Thewlis portrayed Professor Remus Lupin very well, perfection. The shabbiness of his clothes (yes, he does have the shabby look), and the warm personality shined through beautifully, much like in the book. Sure, he was harsh at Harry with the Marauder’s Map, but wouldn’t you be if someone you cared about went wandered around while a killer is loose? Lupin was acting like a father figure to Harry, scolding him and such. I thought that was very caring and showed that Lupin was concerned over Harry’s safety. Anyway, I thought Lupin was well played out, especially at the end when the secrets were told. You just gotta love Lupin to bits in the third installment. 5/5 stars to Thewlis for making our wonderful likeable professor come to life and making him more wonderful and likeable. Bravo!

Sirius/Oldman – PERFECTION! Just as how I imagined Sirius to be like, and Gary alone made the perfect Sirius. The personality is just flawless from what I imagined in the books, it was astonishing to see it on the big screen, with an actor that I absolutely love. Everything about him, the tortured soul for being locked away in isolation at Azkaban, feeling like he let his best friend down and trying to convince Harry that he really is a good man, it was played out beautifully. I love Sirius, and I cried when he was making the speech at the end of the film. I love my Snuffles. *wipes tears away*

Dumbledore/Gambon – The transition from Richard Harris to Michael Gambon was difficult, I know, because the casting director needed someone who would become Dumbledore and be true to the spirit of him in the books, not a replica of what Richard was in the previous movies. And I fell in love with Gambon’s new look for Albus Dumbledore that I HAD to go to the premiere dressed as a hippie. The costumes he wore, the warm personality and energetic tone was very Dumbledore-like. People don’t like the change of Dumbledore, but I thought it was a wise decision. You cannot replace Richard Harris. Gambon does a neat job as Dumbledore, and I want him to continue doing all the films.

Snape/Rickman – As always, Alan Rickman delivers amazing talent as the snarky, dark Professor Severus Snape – and in a more sexy way, of course. Wished to have seen some Potions class being taken place, bit I realized that was not the plot and wasn’t needed in the storyline of the movie. My favorite scene: the Shrieking Shack. Thrilling to see all the actors important to the storyline there. It was absolutely fantastic. Alan stays true to the character and more sadistically snarky than usual.

Trelawney/Thompson – I found her so over-the-top hilarious, I could not stop laughing. Emma Thompson was incredible as the insanely eccentric Divination teacher, and quite a talent she has for making everyone so whacked over her hilarity and comical seriousness (a.k.a. the Grim scene and the prophecy). I loved the outfit Trelawney had, and the hair was just perfect for the character’s persona, everything about her was flawless as to what I could tell.

Neville/Matthew – Okay, before people were nitpicking on how the actor has grown up too fast for the role, I have to disagree. Neville is still Neville, in character and personality. Aside the fact that Matthew has gotten a bit taller and cuter over time he has his character down pat. Example A: in Divination class, small voice and stuttering. Example B: in Care of Magical Creatures as Hagrid asks a student to come to Buckbeak he hides behind a rock – a very Neville thing to do. Example C: Defense Against the Dark Arts, he’s nervous about his boggart and makes with the funny when he says Snape’s his worst fear, at first inaudible then louder. And also makes another funny when he says that he doesn’t want the boggart to turn into his grandmother either. I thought Neville was adorable and very true to the character in the book.

Hagrid/Robbie – The loveable, friendly half-giant that we all love is back, and bringing more big strange and unusual creatures right along with him. Robbie Coltrane still portrays Hagrid well, and I hope that never changes.

Pansy/Genevieve – She’s a minor character and so far only had minimal to one line in the film, but this girl playing Pansy Parkinson is a wonderful actress, adorable, and has the Slytherin holier-than-thou attitude down just right. Hopefully she’ll stay for the remainder of the films.

The Entire Film

Opening Sequence: The most exciting part of the film, so to speak. The WB logo, Harry’s wand fading in and out as we draw closer to the window and underneath his sheets, then the title of the movie. Everything was done beautifully, and as far as I could tell this was going to be an extraordinary film just by that opening. I instantly knew this was going to be better than the first two movies. And I was not to be disappointed.

Aunt Marge’s Big Mistake: Everything from Aunt Marge’s arrival to her inflating and floating into the sky to Harry’s emotional teenage angst, it was purely everything like in the book. Pam Farris’s portrayal of the hateful Aunt Marge was clearly straight off the pages of the books, and Harry’s reactions to her insults and comments about his parents were priceless. Aunt Marge slowly inflating was hilarious, and still gets laughs from the audience every time I see it; the music is perfectly fitting as well, which, ironically, is the titled track Aunt Marge’s Waltz on the soundtrack.

The main scene, though, would have to be Harry running up the stairs, once realizing what he had done, slamming his bedroom door closed and kicked his desk angrily and then sat on his bed, huffing in frustration and looking at the moving photograph of his parents. This was really foreshadows OotP; the angry, the pain, the frustration and confusion. Pure teenage angst and perfectly fitting in his case. Just want to note that the saddest part of that was sitting Harry watching the photograph of his parents. There they were, full of joy and peacefulness while dancing near the fountain, and there was Harry, all by his lonesome self at the dreadful Dursley’s, and I couldn’t help get all weepy.

Harry’s escape and running away from the Dursley home was superb, and the wide-screen shots of the neighborhood looked unbelievable. Again, the wide-screen shots of the park and the playground were bloody fantastic, and to make with the uber-creepiness with the swings, the merry-go-round and the seesaw moving by themselves to set the mood. It looked wickedly awesome tones to the actual spirit of the book. This scene truly shows Harry’s vulnerability, and I love how it was portrayed.

The Knight Bus: It’s the most marvelous, hilarious scenes so far. Everything from Stan, the Knight Bus itself, to Ernie, even the Jamaican Shrunken Head – they gave a remarkable performance. They are comical characters; they really shine on screen, as well off. Harry and Stan’s interaction before he aboard the Bus was amusement to no end, and it doesn’t stop until he gets off the Knight Bus either. Alfonso really made with the funny, didn’t he? Another splendiferous moment in the film that is unforgettable.

The Leaky Cauldron: I absolutely love the new look of the Leaky Cauldron. To hell with everyone else’s opinions about it, in my opinion it looks more like a bar/inn than a broken down warehouse. It definitely looks like a place where I would like to stay at, especially if the Inn rooms look like Harry’s did in the film. The extreme detail and authentic look and magical feel to it, oh, and Tom the Innkeeper – love him! I don’t care if he’s not like the same guy from the first movie; this dude was funnier and more believable to the wizarding world – if that makes sense.

The reunion of Harry and Hedwig was cute. It brought a smile to my face, and it still does every single time I go back to the movie theaters.

The Monster Book of Monsters bit was quite humorous, too. And I must say, Harry’s is a very resourceful lad, the trick with the shoe and all. Creativeness. The Weasley family reunion was nice to see since the last movie. Notice all the background magic happening while Mr. Weasley is speaking to Harry.

The Dementor: More insight to what the Hogwarts Express actually looks like from the inside, which is fantastic. The part where the dementors come was, indeed, frightening. Just how I imagined them to be like (and to not confuse them with Ringwraiths, of course.) Though having seen that clip from multiple trailers and television specials, it’s more dramatic on the big screen and the intensity to set it up with; the lights flickering then going out, the freezing window and bottled water turning to ice, the sub-zero atmosphere where you can see your own breath, everything was put together perfectly to get the idea that the dementors aren’t just some scary looking creatures that glide about. They are, in fact, more frightening than your own fears. Props to Alfonso for creating such a scene.

Arrival at Hogwarts – Hogwarts looks amazing, as usual, and the Great Hall is absolutely stunning with the millions of candles floating above the students. And I must say, did I predict right or what? This IS my Hippie Harry Potter Cheech and Chong Wicked Acid Trip Musical with the choir and them singing toads (with bongs!) Alfonso is now God, worship the man people! The new Dumbledore looks great and is truly the Dumbledore from the books. His speech at the feast and the outfit, plus the podium he stood in front of, all is awesome.

The Fat Lady singing was hysterical, which shows the portraits actually have a personality. In the Gryffindor Tower, the boys’ dormitory – there’s no need for an explanation here. It was showing the fun times they have, which ins something Harry needs to enjoy while he has the opportunity, and they were being such boys in that scene. Thought I know Ron’s candy made him sound like a lion, but I thought it sounded more like a vampire. (I watch too much Jossverse)

Talons and Tea Leaves: Again, wide-screen shots and more detail of the wizarding world – and the Whomping Willow has a personality, too! So cool, and note the small blue bird, also. Ah, Divination class, I loved every moment of it. The classroom looked really rad, just as it’s described in the books. The teapots and teacups stacked on the background as it’s about to fall any second, the red-purplish fabric covering the tables and the cushions, the circle tables and how the classroom was all set up. Stunning.

Trelawney was, well, Trelawney. Same as the Trelawney we’ve read about in the series; the quirks, the over-the-topness, and her personality was amusing and it was funny to see Harry and Ron’s reactions. Hermione was also being the same as she was in the book, too. Her this-is-pure-nonsense expressions were priceless. I love Trelawney’s eccentric presence and her humungous glasses that made her looked bug-like, and her hair was so wild and crazy. The Grim prophecy was excellently placed into the movie. Is it weird that I thought the Grim looked cute? Perhaps since I’ve read the books I know what it is. Oh well.

Hagrid, The Professor – I love the music that was playing for Hagrid’s class; very cheerful and carefree much like Hagrid himself. Ah, and then here comes Draco Malfoy. His wittiness and bullying of words never cease to amaze me, moreover was the slashiness between him and Harry. Could it be anymore obvious? Buckbeak, I love him! He’s too adorable. The part where Harry flies on him was glorious – the scenery was so beautiful. Of course, there was Harry’s “King of the World” moment, which I think is the most adorable scene in the entire movie. C’mon people, wouldn’t you do the same thing if you were on a hippogriff? I know I would in a heartbeat. And besides, Harry needs some happiness in his life now, especially to what’s to come later on. H needs to be free from all reality things and have a good time. He deserves that much.

The Boggart in the Wardrobe: This entire scene blew me away, not just because it was Lupin’s class but because of how it was filmed. A mirrored wardrobe going in and out, not sure which one’s actually the reflection or which one is real. It’s a mind-boggler. But the lesson was magnificent, really. Remus Lupin was truly a professor that I would’ve had a crush on if I were in his class. Also note the apple he is eating before Harry starts to face the boggart. Neville’s boggart of Snape in his gram’s dress, Ron’s spider on skates and Parvati’s snake which somehow turned into a clown jack-in-the-box (and that’s funny, just scarier and disturbingly freaky.)

Lupin talking to Harry about his parents on the walkway while his friends were at Hogsmeade was emotional and weepy. I knew I should’ve brought a pack of tissues. Did I mention I adore the music used in these scenes? Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

Flight of the Fat Lady: Yes, I am well aware there is supposed to be the scene where Hermione and Ron bring back sweets from Hogsmeade for Harry, but no need to fret people. It’ll be on the DVD as a deleted scene (where we see the sneak-o-scope thingie.) Anyhow, I liked the portrait gallery scene, where all the pictures interact with one another in a frantic way after the Fat Lady disappeared. And I saw Sir Cadogen and Alfonso Cuaron in his semi-cameo appearance in the film! Whee!

The Great Hall sleepover, while I do think the scene couldn’t be expanded just a tad, I do believe it was for the best. Purple sleeping bags and it being crowded and all. The ceiling reflecting the stars and planets was the most awesome thing I have ever seen – giving the foreshadow thing again: Sirius is the brightest star in the solar system.

Snape teaching DADA was fabulous – delicious man, ain’t he? I am aware that Hermione’s lycanthropy is somewhat off in actual mythology, but this is the Potterverse, people. Again with the slashiness: Harry and Draco. Malfoy passing notes to Potter? Hmm, I wonder what this might be symbolizing.

Grim Defeat: Perhaps the shortest Quidditch match ever, and I am thankful for that. The games are intense of action, I know, but Quidditch, while part of everyday life at Hogwarts and the wizarding world, was not part of the storyline of third year. I just adore the new uniforms and, once again, note that on the back of Harry’s uniform he has his last name and his number is seven. Cedric Diggory getting shocked by lightning, another foreshadow in the making. And Harry’s goggles, I must say that they are so damn cool. I want them. The Grim in the clouds was a nice touch, very crafty – freaky, but very crafty. Another creep factor was the dementors flying about Harry as he was looking for the Snitch. Him falling off his broom was quite intense, the stormy weather and all.

The Hospital Wing scene was cool, though I think people missed Harry’s wisecracks. Quite becoming a teenager, that boy. The cuts on his face when the rain turned into ice was a nice touch as well.

The Marauder’s Map: The Lupin and Harry interaction bit was, once again, beautifully done. The music, the scenery, it was just perfect. The transition of seasons was well done, also. Kinda like what happened in the first movie when Hedwig was flying during seasonal changeovers. I like how the snow looked covering everything, and the Twins were dead-on awesome! Exactly like in the books, and better twin-like qualities such as finishing each other’s sentences, synchronizing what they say and introducing the Map to Harry. No flaws whatsoever. Zip. Zilch. Nada. All was perfect. And the Marauder’s Map looked better than anything I ever imagined.

Hogsmeade – it looked fantastic. Almost like it popped out from the back of a postcard or from a fairytale like storybook illustration. The candy store made me crave sweets during the film, and everything down from the snowball fight to the Three Broomsticks was so ultimately cool it’s hard not to like it. If others don’t see that, well it’s their loss.

The Patronus: One of the best interacting scenes between Harry and Professor Lupin. I swear Lupin has that whole Obi Wan Kenobi thing going on when he’s telling Harry to concentrate on a happy memory. It seemed so magical how everything in the classroom moved so rhythmically; it was a moving moment between the two. And also, again, note the symbolization on the spine candles = VII is the Roman numeral symbol for seven.

Major weepiness came when Harry’s only happy memory is one that he cannot tell if it’s real or not. His parents, his mum and dad, just speaking to him. Real or not, that’s all he has; that’s the happiest memory he only has.

Snape’s Grudge: Ah yes, perhaps the most remembered scene that everyone has, the “spiders, they want me to tap dance, I don’t wanna tap dance” bit. Hilarious, simply something what Ron would say during the middle of the night – or any part of the day, come to think of it. Harry’s reaction was priceless, which means to say this kind of thing is normal in the middle of the night. The Marauder’s Map looks quite complicated to piece together unless you know the grounds like the back of your hand, but still cool. I’ve been hearing a lot that Peter Pettigrew should not have been mentioned on the Map, but who cares? It made for a good mystery for those have not read the books.

The Portraits was funny – one was actually Alfonso for yet another cameo appearance – and they have quite a personality. Snape catching Harry wandering about was very interesting to see, and Harry’s comebacks and snarkiness were excellent. He’s a teenager it’s to be expected. Snape’s retort to Professor Lupin about the moonlight was a clue about the Marauder’s Map, as well as foreshadowing the plot.

The angry father figure scene was quite impressive. In this particular scene Thewlis proves that he is, without a shadow of a doubt, Remus Lupin. Full on, well performed, and the ideal father figure in Harry’s life. You can see Harry’s eyes cast downward, not looking directly at Lupin as he was scolding him. Kudos to them both, a wonderful performance.

Professor Trelawney’s Prediction: Ron and Harry drearily gazing into the crystal ball, while Ron is snoring slightly and Harry mumbling inaudibly to himself, a cute scene really. Reminds me about some classes I had in high school; wanting to fall asleep at lectures, lessons, basically the while class period, really. Hermione’s annoyance towards Trelawney and storming out of the classroom was brilliant – no dialogue, of course, but still brilliant. Trelawney’s prophecy when Harry retrieves the crystal ball after class was over was frightening by her voice, but was very cool. Harry’s reaction was exactly right, and I adore the music that was playing at the end of that scene. Not on the soundtrack, mind you, bit it’s still an eerie Native American flute sound to it. Lovely.

Just to point out, the transitions in the film are amazing. I love the camera work that Alfonso did with the fading in and out scene changeovers.

Buckbeak’s Execution – McNair, the executioner, looked frightening as he was supposed to look and the scythe. Love the scythe that he was sharpening. Big climatic scene right there, at least from my perspective. Draco and his lackeys with the binoculars spying near Hagrid’s Hut, awaiting from Buckbeak’s execution, and wanting to deliver the severed head to the Gryffindor common room, such a Malfoy thing to do. Hermione’s miniature Buffy power mode was wicked, and the punch was bloody fantastic! The entire audience cheered at this part, as did I. Hermione is the coolest.

Hagrid’s Hut looks spectacular with a lot of different and interesting creatures living in it. Tiny birds flying about, a small owl – I assumed was Pigwidgeon – and that giant thing near the doorway. Yes, different place where the Hut is located, but a better location at that, which mean more scenery. The execution music was powerful, and by powerful I mean it was so emotional that it was like the moment was really happening. And the Y Tu Mama Tambien similarity done on purpose thing. Gotta love Alfonso for sneaking in a few things of his own here and there.

Cat, Rat, and Dog: Despite the fact that Crookshanks is nonexistent here I loved how it all played out. I loved it all, from Ron being dragged underneath the Whomping Willow to Hermione and Harry crashing into the hole hidden underneath the aggressively angry tree. The Shrieking Shack looked just how I imagined, only better. The creakiness and the authentic look of an old worn out ghostly shack, what can I say it was major creepifying. No wonder people are afraid of it.

Sirius was absolutely fucking awesome you have no idea. He’s fucking gorgeous in the film it should be illegal. The clothes were all tattered and the prison-like uniform, menacing eyes and unruly hair, everything was just so perfect I had to hold back my squealing because he looked so right for the part. This was Sirius Black, straight down to the personality. Not only was I impressed by Gary’s performance, I was also deeply moved by everything he was saying. By the way, I noticed that his tattoos somehow resemble Spike’s cuts during the seventh season in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Just a random realization from the seventh viewing of the film.

Lupin’s entrance was beautiful and dramatic, and the hug – The Hug! Alfonso is the best ever. That was not a brotherly hug, people. That was a reunion of thank-god-you’re-alive-now-let’s-go-shag kind of hug. That was all I wanted from that sequence. The Hug. It was there, and we all should praise Alfonso for this. Seriously, this man needs credit for that because he followed through what all the Sirius/Remus fans have been waiting for.

Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs: Not to be an insensitive know-it-all, but the identities to whom the Marauder’s actually were, indeed, in the film. Just watch more closely at certain scenes and connect the names and the meanings of them. The Marauder’s Map is explained though not directly. Peter Pettigrew, Wormtail, is mentioned several times that he hung around James Potter and Sirius Black a lot while at school = ergo friends.

The Servant of Lord Voldemort: The revealed secret that Scabbers is actually Peter Pettigrew in Animagus form is quite unsettling for some, but well-known to others. I loved how Timothy Spall portrayed the ragged and rather pathetic ex-friend of Sirius and Remus. Thos who think Peter is too ratty need to shut their mouths and learn to understand that he was stuck in Animagus form for 12 stinking years. If people can remember from Buffy, Amy Madison turned herself into a rat and didn’t come out of it until 4 years later, and she still had rat-like qualities and behavioral issues. Imagine being stuck a rat for 12 years. Anyway, he, Peter Pettigrew, was good at the begging, pleading, and pathetic beseeching to be forgiven.

Yet another emotional part: Once getting out of the Shrieking Shack and outside underneath the Whomping Willow, it was so heartbreaking to see Harry and Sirius communicating. It’s a tearjerker if anyone’s read Order of the Phoenix. I still get teary-eyed every time I see the film. It’s just too depressing yet it’s heartwarming to see that Sirius is willing to give Harry a happier home, even though everyone knows that’ll never happen.

Lupin’s Transformation – it looked absolutely gruesome, terrifying and ghastly frightening, add it up it all spells wickedly awesome. The werewolf itself is obviously a CGI and definitely not a wolf-like type werewolf, but it’s still creepy nonetheless. But we all know that in movies, making a werewolf look like a real wolf isn’t possible. Now why, I have no idea. Snape protecting the trio wasn’t out of character as everyone says he is. It’s just natural human instinct to do something like that when danger erupts. The dogfight was brilliant because it’s all about the dogfight.

The Dementors Kiss: This scene was extremely gorgeous. The background scenery, the dementors flying around and around overhead of Harry and Sirius, the lake freezing and the imagery of the dementors sucking all the happiness and energy from a person. The music, the stag, the Patronus, and the transitions were all amazing.

Hermione’s Secret: The entire Time-Turner scene was flawlessly thought out well and filmed marvelously. Adoration of the Harry/Hermione moments here, especially the small hand-slap. Rewinding time in that kind of motion is just amazing, I don’t think they could’ve done a better job with this scene. It was, as I said, flawless. Once more, the music is so incredible and appropriate for the scene. The ticking of the clock fits the plot point of the film.

Harry saying, “this is not normal” is exactly how anyone would react, even in the wizarding world. I loved how he said that too, in that overwhelmed tone of voice. The camerawork in showing them repeating scenes and seeing themselves back in time is admirable beyond words. It so beautiful and climatic – who really cares if it’s longer than the Shrieking Shack part, this piece of the film is exceptionally the best part. Period. Seeing Harry and Sirius bidding farewell is the saddest thing and I was literally crying on my first viewing of the film. I knew what’s to come soon, and I’ve always wanted Harry to go with Sirius, but unfortunately it’s not going to happen. Ever. Still, seeing Sirius flying into the moonlight on the back of Buckbeak is spectacular. It’s also hilarious in the end of this sequence when they return and Dumbledore does that mysteriousness of knowing what they were doing but not really admitting so, and Ron’s comment and their inside joke that only Harry and Hermione can get.

Lupin’s Farewell – probably the saddest thing to see besides Sirius’s departure is Lupin’s departure. He does not return until the fifth book however, but it’s still depressing. Every time I see the film I immediately have to stifle back my tears because two of my favorite Marauder’s has gone away, one more than the other one.

The Firebolt: I am one of the minorities that agree that ending on the Firebolt is the best way the end the film. I totally forgot about the Firebolt until the very end when it appeared, because I was so wrapped up in what was actually happening in the film. We see Harry smiling smugly as he knows who’d sent the broomstick to him once Hermione lifted up the feather (obviously from Buckbeak), and running outside the test out his new fast-riding broom. Then once in the air, we freeze-frame on his face and guess what, he’s happy. He has a smile of pure blissfulness, and that’s exactly how it should end on. I don’t care what other people say about the ending – the best way to end it is with Harry being happy with the happiest thing he likes to do, riding his broom. I left the theater with a warm tingling feeling because that is the heartwarming scene of an ending that everyone should understand, if they can think past that ‘canon’ crap – assuming they do think at all.

The Ending Credits: Finest credits you’ll ever see, particularly in a Harry Potter film. The Marauder’s Map was a good way to end the credits, the way it zoomed all around the place, the people’s names going up and down and side to side; I sat there the first time around all throughout the credits (mainly a game my friends and I play by calling out all that is being rolled up the credits as fast as we could), and I saw all the places and names and the footprints and paw prints. Music and credits aside, I cheered when the title card said, An Alfonso Cuaron Film, because this is his film, his creation, and his masterpiece. Adored the end of the rolling credits when Harry’s voiceover says “Mischief Managed, Nox!” It’s an impressive way to end the complete end of the film. I say Brava!

My Ultimately All-Time Favorite Parts of the Film

-The entire soundtrack to the film
-Harry’s smirks and wisecracks
-The television show the Dursley’s were watching (odd yet so fitting for the scene)
-Aunt Marge blowing up the way she did, it was hilarious (buttons flying everywhere)
-The playground in the park
-Stan, Ernie, and the Shrunken Head – funny as hell
-New style of the Leaky Cauldron
-Reunion of Harry and Hedwig at the Leaky Cauldron
-Crookshanks. He’s so adorable
-The Weasley family going to Egypt picture
-The background magic
-Dementor scene on the train
-Lupin. Enough said.
-The choir singing “Something Wicked This Way Comes” formerly from the play MacBeth written by William Shakespeare; foreshadowing the later events in the film or later in the books – and it’s my Hippie Harry Potter Musical and the toad with the bong, man!
-Michael Gambon as Dumbledore and his hippie robes and that tassel hat
-Malfoy and his obvious attraction to Harry
-The millions of candles floating above the students in the Great Hall, making the place truly magical
-The Fat Lady singing; much better than that other woman in the 1st movie. This one has much more of a lively personality
-The dormitory scene. Just them acting like such boys
-Ron’s roar which sounds like a vampire to me
-The wondrous Whomping Willow
-Trelawney’s wackiness and flakiness
-Hermione’s reactions to Trelawney, as was Ron’s and Harry
-Hermione’s mockery of Trelawney
-Buckbeak is so beautiful as adorable! I want one for Christmas
-Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, Blaise (I think that’s him), and Pansy
-Harry’s “King of the World” while riding on Buckbeak. Anyone who didn’t like that obviously weren’t 13.
-“You and your bloody chicken!” from Malfoy
-Headless Ghost Hunt
-Lupin’s lesson – absolute excellence
-“Hullo…” by Lupin to Neville, which is such a Lupin thing to say
-Snape in a dress!
-Parvati! She is so cute, is she not?
-That fact that Lupin listens to Swing music makes me love the man even more. The resembled “Sing, Sing, Sing” music during the Boggart lesson is so cool.
-And saying that, using a gramophone playing the swing music as well. I love Lupin!
-The symbolisms that you must figure out while watching the film; clues in there that one does not see after the first viewing
-Normal clothes for a change. They are teenagers after all
-Lupin and Harry conversation on the walkway
-Fat Lady’s portrait being slashed; the music in that scene and the surprise cameo appearance by Alfonso
-Great Hall sequence with everyone in purple sleeping bags
-The outer space bewitched ceiling
-Snape teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts
-The letter Draco sent flying over to Harry, and what a drawing that was. Flirtatious much?
-The random umbrella in the rainstorm
-Quidditch in the freaking rain – whee! The fact that is was the shortest Quidditch match ever is why I loved it so.
-The random umbrella again flying at Harry
-Harry’s wittiness in the Hospital Wing
-The Marauder’s Map (yes, they spelled Moony “Mooney” but as an inside joke from the staff and crew)
-Fred and George acting like twins, finishing one another’s sentences and the like
-The candy store, and Invisible Harry stealing Neville’s lollipop
-Malfoy and his posse
-The snowball fight
-Madame Rosemerta – love her
-The dog in the room where McGonagall, Fudge, and Madame Rosemerta are chatting in
-The Christmas carolers and the song they were singing before Invisible Harry knocks them over
-Harry crying. It’s an emotional scene, why am I the only person who isn’t insensitive to notice this? I love that scene.
-Seasonal changes all throughout the film
-Lupin teaching Harry the Patronus Charm in the Astronomy Tower (the floating golden balls, the Roman numerals on the spine candles, and train on the rotating solar system thing)
-Harry playing with the flame from the candle (same thing I would do!)
-Lupin offering chocolate – how much cooler can anyone get by offering chocolate
-Lupin using wandless magic; more realistic and means that not everyone needs a wand to do magic
-Hermione and Ron quibbling at each other
-Crookshanks being all cute
-Hagrid’s outfit and tie, and skipping rocks on the lake (9 times did it skip, I counted)
-Ron’s nightmare and Harry’s casual response
-Harry eating a cracker in bed
-Alfonso’s other cameo appearance as the sleeping portrait
-Harry’s pajamas and being startled by his own reflection
-Harry being snarky at Snape: “My dad didn’t strut, and nor do I!”
-The insult on the Marauder’s Map
-The fatherly figure that Lupin was being to Harry by scolding him, a touching moment really. Just shows that Lupin cares for Harry. I thought it was sweet for a serious moment
-Divination class: them being bored out of their freaking minds
-Hermione’s defiance towards Trelawney
-The spiral staircase
-Random cats in Divination classroom
-The eerie Prophecy and the music that followed afterwards
-Executioner guy with the giant scythe
-Malfoy wanting to deliver the head of Buckbeak to the Gryffindor Tower. Morbid but in a sweet flirtatious way
-The Punch! Gotta love it
-Trio trotting down to Hagrid’s Hut, almost like they were frolicking for some reason
-Buckbeak sitting looking cute and vulnerable
-Rocks being thrown and hitting Harry on the back of the head
-The pumpkins and the crows, everywhere
-The Y Tu Mama Tambien reference in the trio hug
-Padfoot! Though CGI it’s the best realistic dog I have seen thus far
-Hermione being all Buffy-like, which is what I like
-Glasses being lost, again
-Harry/Hermione shipping moments
-The inside of the Shrieking Shack
-Hermione getting Ron’s line (she says it better, sorry)
-Sirius’s wardrobe and menacing look
-Sirius/Remus Hug!
-Intense conversations between Snape, Sirius, and Remus
-The “Old Married Couple” quote
-Harry’s appropriate rage in this whole scene
-Peter Pettigrew acting just as ratty and pathetic as he’s supposed to be
-Ron discussing his injured leg: “they might chop it off.”
-Sirius and Harry talking; heartwarming in a sad kind of way
-The werewolf transformation
-Sirius trying to communicate when Lupin is transforming. It’s a very emotive moment
-Hermione trying to communicate with werewolf!Lupin; to get to the humanity inside the beast
-The dogfight
-Dementors surrounding the lake
-The Stag and the obvious connection to Harry’s suspicion that it was his father
-Time-Turner scene
-Seeing the reflections of themselves as Hermione and Harry go back in time
-“Does my hair really look like that from the back?” Hilarity.
-Saving Buckbeak with the dead ferrets
-“Ow! That hurt!”
-Buckbeak eating the bats
-Harry strongly believing that his father conjured the Patronus, saving both his and Sirius’s lives. It’s a sad part because Harry wants to believe that his father will come back so badly that he’s lost all sense of reality. The poor w00bie.
-Hermione’s werewolf call, possibly a symbolism to what might happen to her in the future books
-Harry protecting Hermione from werewolf!Lupin, and Buckbeak coming to save the day
-The dementor scene the second time around, Harry coming to the realization that his father does not come
-The Stag in Harry’s Patronus the second time around, which in the bright light appears twice!
-Riding on Buckbeak with Harry chatting away and Hermione not liking the flight
-Breaking Sirius out of the jail cell
-Sirius liking the flight on Buckbeak as well as Harry has
-Heartbreaking moment: Sirius talking to Harry about staying at Hogwarts and him leaving because he is still a convict on the loose. I should’ve brought a tissue into the movie. But still, I loved it anyway. At least Harry knows he had an opinion to be living a happier life.
-Sirius saying to Hermione, “You really are the brightest witch of your age.” Preferably saying: “I approve of your girlfriend, Harry” as my sister pointed out
-The music as they run back before the gigantic clock tower stroke 12
-Dumbledore having his wisdom and lively humor
-Ron’s comical moment
-Harry and Hermione’s inside joke
-The speechless magic that Lupin does oh so well. I believe this is advanced magic that only one does if done properly.
-Lupin returning the Marauder’s Map to Harry and saying, “Mischief Managed”
-The end with the Firebolt was beautiful. Harry is happy with one thing his loves best, riding on a broomstick. His is happy so I am happy with that ending.
-Marauder’s Map credits
-Mischief Managed music at the credits, need I say more?
-The overall result: a masterpiece film with flowing scenes, and excellent actors and well paced. That is that.

To sum up the entire film: spectacularly glorious in every single way. There were no faults or flaws, nothing went out of place and everything was explained if you just look for the signs instead of the actual words coming out of a character’s mouth. It flowed thoroughly just like the actual books, and it gets straight to the plot without interruptions. Just the way the movies should be.

Alfonso is, beyond doubt, the best director for the Harry Potter films by far. This film is his film, and he deserves credit for this because it was purely a masterpiece. I want him to be back for the fifth film, Order of the Phoenix. He just seems to have that sort of finesse to make teenage emotions flow out naturally, and he makes the situations more real life and believable. I praise Alfonso for making a phenomenal film; he has the vision for the stories that should’ve been there from the beginning. I jump on the bandwagon and stand behind all those people wanting to have Alfonso’s babies, because he’s one hell of a director ain’t he?

So there it is. So, until next time when Goblet of Fire comes out in theaters...

Mischief Managed.


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