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We can live with dignity, we can't die with it.

The medical patient was some arrogant, jerky son-of-a-bitch teenage kid who thought sarcastically bullying people would be fun and thought himself intelligent, or even better than others, doing so. Sound familiar? Even when he was ill he didn't have the courtesy of being polite to those treating and caring for him, including his own mother. And his mother blamed herself for his bratty behavior, thought herself a bad mother, and couldn't even control her jerky teenage son even if she wanted to. Dysfunctional much? Perhaps just in his personality, which seems to have been a possible "symptom" for whatever was causing his mysterious illness. Unfortunately for his mother, there was no personality disorder...her son was, and always will be, an asshole.

This was basically set up as the episode where House treats a patient similar to him. I digress that part, however. Sure, there are certain similarities but I prefer Gregory House's sarcasm than this kid anyday.

It's not because I favor him which I do regardless but that's beside the point, it's simply due to the fact that House has legitimate reasons for his snarkiness and antisocial behavior; he's intelligent and does these things because he believes he's doing the right thing, no matter how right or wrong his methods are. This kid? He was just being arrogant because he wanted to. There was no alternative motive, no reasoning. He does it because he can. Which the fundamental reason why they are so dissimilar with each other on that level. Certainly, House and the kid could easily communcate unlike regular people, as exhibited during the challenged chess game. But are the one in the same? Probably not. Although this gives my the thought about whether House was like that when he was a teenager, which might be true but to an extent of knowing the limits.

The continuing storyline with Foreman resigning kind of confuses me. Will he be leaving the hospital altogether or just House's team? Furthermore, has it been notified that Omar Epps is leaving the show, or is this subplot just presented here for the character conflicts? I did, however, like the "who cancelled Foreman's appointment" tag-you're-it game. It was hilarious, and of course it was all tranced back to House. Like, duh?

Oh, Chase and Cameron. Hopefully next Tuesday you two kids will just cut the crap and just get together already! Sheesh, how long are they planning on dragging this out?

I've been exhausted lately, and I have no idea why. I've slept plenty of hours during the night, and I take naps in the afternoon. But usually that's directly after a long day, primarily after my dancing days where I've burned a lot of energy. So I don't know, though I'm kind of worried about the kinds of foods I've been consuming, whether it's enough and if I'm getting enough proteins and vitamins in my diet, which could cause fatigue if I'm not careful.

On the upside though, Supernatural has been renewed for a third season! The official announcement from CW won't come until tomorrow, but there's no doubt in my mind that it's been picked up for another season. I mean, come on, why wouldn't it be?
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