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The Heroisms: We're All Gathered Here In New York...

As the clock is ticking to the season one finale of Heroes, this episode brings forth the fates of certain characters and whatever will happen in the final confrontation to save the world from the exploding man, whoever that may be.

Claire reunites with her father, Mr. Bennet (a.k.a. "HRG") when he arrives to New York with Matt and Ted on their mission to find the tracking device. However, Peter has now absorbed Ted's ability therefore they are both possible threats to causing the explosion. Mr. Bennet gives them direct orders to leave the city with Claire to a safe location until he calls them while he and Matt stay to find the tracking device, and they're in agreement. Unfortunately, Sylar hears them from a distance through the stolen enhanced hearing ability and plans on following them. When they go off, Peter hears Sylar's thoughts and immediately drags them off to where they can't be caught...but Ted is bombarded and arrested courtesy of the return of Audrey, from earlier in the season, who got a tip from a man about his whereabouts. That man, of course, being Sylar. Peter and Claire don't want to be caught, so they disappear within the crowd. Later, Sylar awaits the police van to arrive and, with his dangerous telekinetic power, flips the van, and steals Ted's power. Nearing the end of the episode as Peter and Claire are trying to leave the city, they are stopped in a massive traffic jam due to the damage Sylar caused. They are now aware that Sylar has now acquired Ted's ability, and must stop him before he blows up New York City, despite their original instructions to leave.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bennet and Matt entire the building where it's said the tracking device is being held, though they meet two others with similar obligations: Jessica and DL, who have come searching for Linderman to find Micah. Before they stopped at Nathan Petrelli's canidate office to ask the location of Linderman's whereabouts, then finally, and unexpectedly, meet up with Mr. Bennet and Matt. They get into the elevator together until HRG and Matt get on their floor, hoping the other two find Micah, and they're on their way. Unfortunately, Thompson knows they're there and plans on killing them both --- placing a gun to Matt's head, but HRG gets there before that happens and shoots Thompson. When they arrive at the special room, Mr. Bennet is shocked to learn that the tracking device is actually a little girl, Molly Walker. Though unlucky for them, Mohinder thinks they're up to no good and tries to stop them. More guns are pointed, threats are made, and poor little Molly is going to be traumatized for the rest of her life.

Jessica and DL give Linderman a surprise at his office, though it seems that he knew they would do something. As they threatening ask for where Micah is, he calmly tells them he's in the hotel and gives them the floor and room number. However, not without a proposition...for Jessica that is. He offers her money, and lots of it. Predicting that she would kill DL and take the money, which is admits she would do that after oogling the wads of cash at her fingertips. But Niki wouldn't, and immediately after saying this she allows Niki to surface. But Linderman is displeased with this, and shoots DL. Before it looks like he's about to finish off Niki too, DL appears for one final sacrifice and using his phasing ability to crush Linderman's brain.

Hiro is devastated that the sword was destroyed, but Ando finds a place where they repair ancient Japanese weapons. They are in for a surprise when Hiro's father is there! He knew all along about Hiro's destiny and calling, and although thought it would unlikely he plans on teaching Hiro how to fight. In a short amount of time, too! However Ando believes that Hiro will be sucked into not completing his mission, so during the time of his training Ando goes off to kill Sylar himself. Leaving a worried Hiro behind.

Nathan wins the election, courtesy of Micah riggering the machines ordered by Linderman. His wife's ability to walk is restored, thanks to Linderman once more. Everyone else is dealing with threats and devastations as shown during the scenes placed together as Nathan is giving his speech. In the end, Sylar is on top of a building, testing out his new radioactive power. Says the last famous words of the episode with a devilish grin, "Boom."

The Characters: We're All In This Together!

Claire Bennet: It's interesting how throughout the whole season it was about the prophecy of "save the cheerleader, save the world", making her almost an important character to protect, and now she seems to be a secondary person to that phrase. Granted, we don't yet know how she saves the world, if that is indeed her destiny as Peter suggests, or if she plays a significant role in the final showdown. I liked how Claire wants to be part of something bigger, as opposed to her original feelings about being special. Now that she knows she's not alone in this, she's willing to fight. She certainly has grown up, and I'll be pissed if she doesn't come back for the second season.

Peter Petrelli: Not much happened this go around with him this episode, besides wanting to leave New York City with Ted and Claire to avoid any kind of explosion. Though of course, that would've seemed too easy. Oh, where's Claude when you need him? His intentions from the beginning of the season hadn't changed, he still wants to save the world, to make a difference. But it's now become a life or death, kill or be killed situation. Plus, he has a niece to protect. Another motivation for saving the world (since he "saved the cheerleader")! I love his interaction with Claire, and vice versa.

Mr. Bennet (a.k.a. "HRG"): Yay for Mr. Bennet! I loved the reunion with Claire, short as it was, and his partnership with Matt. Everything about his character is so endearing and powerful, particularly the scene where he shoots Thompson in the head. Powerful stuff! Brava Jack Coleman! Now, regarding his ethics about the "tracking system", I doubt he'll shoot Molly. Even if he knew it was a person tracking system, he wouldn't dare kill a little girl; his expression changed as soon as he saw her. He's not that kind of man, even if we thought so before he wouldn't hurt a child. He'll think of Claire, and his fatherly instincts would tell him it's wrong.

Matt Parkman: I love how Matt's storyline has picked up since the beginning. Eveyone was worried and complaining how he got the boring bits, but that was just the progressing of his character really. Now, he's in on the action, working beside Mr. Bennet and having a purposefully driven motive. That's a good sign, yeah?

Mohinder Suresh: Dude, please adopt little miss adorable sunshine Molly Walker and move miles and miles away from "the boogeyman" and live happily ever after. You are her hero, dammit, and you're too damn cute together! She makes you smile and, Mohinder, you have such an adorable smile. She needs you, you need her. That's all there is to it.

Ted Sprague: RIP, Ted. *is sad*

Audrey: OMG AUDREY'S BACK! For like, only a few scenes. Matt should've been there, and it would've been hilarious to see the look on her face when she realizes that he's teamed up with Mr. Bennet. Huh. Though I hope she returns and that she and Matt get together because, hello, they hinted that way back in the previous episodes. Only girl, you should've noticed that Sylar is right there talking to you! Seriously, after reading about your motivation for stopping Sylar in the graphic novels you certainly don't know when to spot them. But, Sylar is a sneaky mofo.

Molly Walker: So freaking adorable, I can't stand it. She totally loves Mohinder for being her hero, and then mentioning her "other hero", being Matt who saved her from Sylar many episodes ago. Awww! She is such a sweetie, and although I know it's a longshot but I do hope that Molly goes with Mohinder. Seriously, I'm not kidding.

The Sanders Family: Jessica is the shit. I like Niki too, but Jessica is just seriously badass and determined and won't back down unless she has to. Her giving up the money for Micah was the toughest decision to make, according to her standards anyway. Letting Niki take control was also another great think I liked seeing, it showed that Jessica and Niki are both on the same page now without the conflicts. Though I'm devastated that DL had to die (or is he really dead? Didn't his power let him live after Jessica shot a bullet through his skull? I don't know, anything's possible in this show). His last words to Niki was sweet, that even if Linderman set them both up to be together they really did love each other; it was just underneath a man with distorted intentions. That being Micah. Speaking of which, even though Micah was smart even to know that Candace!Niki wasn't really his mom, he knew that underneath a place with that much power he couldn't do anything. I'm worried about him, though, and how Niki will find him in the next episode.

Candace: I have to admit, I'm gradually starting to warm up to her character. I don't necessarily like her yet, but this episode she proven something: she likes Micah, whereas any other person just like her would've dismissed babysitting kids altogether, and she buys him cool things. It's almost like having a laidback aunt or cousin with a slight attitude, if you will. Something changed within her too, after Micah finished his duty he felt I guess nauseous, and Candace looked at him with concern. That was something I didn't expect to see. Huh, I do hope we get more background information about her.

Nathan Petrelli: Torn between his destiny, as Linderman put it, or save New York City from the explosion. I guess he couldn't turn around now that his wife had been miraculously "cured", because if he went back on his word to Linderman there's no telling what might happen to her, or his family. The scene between him and Hiro was heartbreaking. Their bonding acquaintance has been broken, only because Nathan knows (or thinks he knows) what is to be expected for the explosion, while Hiro is still on his mission. Now, believing that Nathan is the "villain" in this case? Of course, future!Nathan wasn't really Nathan, it was Sylar!Nathan, but Hiro doesn't know that. Really, it hurts to know they won't be on speaking terms for a while. I just hope that Nathan has a plan to whenever the explosion comes.

Hiro Nakamura: Of course the sword isn't the power, silly. But it was your motivation that drove you to continue on with your mission. I liked that Hiro and his father are clicking finally, and reading on the same page. This now questions the "adult generation" of heroes that we've witnessed --- Hiro's father being one of them, and knowing what's to come in the future. The training sequence was cool, and the explanation of the story his father read to him, even if he learned WAY too quickly. Or perhaps he's more of a prodigy than we'd thought. But awww, poor Hiro all worried over Ando....

Ando: Seriously Ando, you do know that you die if you face Sylar, right? Ando can't die. I forbid him to die. But, this puts and interesting twist to things...Hiro tried to kill Sylar, but couldn't. Even if he's now skilled in swordfighting Sylar is far too powerful. If Ando dies while fighting Sylar, it could be the final motivation Hiro needs to finish the mission. Of course, I don't want him to die, I don't want Hiro to turn dark and brooding. But if Hiro does kill Sylar because of Ando's sacrifice, it would be that Ando is the true hero. Okay, I'm thinking too much on this subject....

Sylar: You're evil. Evil with a capital E to the VIL. But you're also freaking hot. Damn you Zachary Quinto!

Death Toll: No One Is Safe....

Episode Death Count: Ted (killed by Sylar), DL (killed by Linderman), Linderman (killed by DL), and Thompson (killed by Mr. Bennet).

This is probably one of the largest death or near-death scenes in one episode alone (sans "Five Years Gone", since that was an AU). Sure, there have been deaths throughout the season but all occurring in an hour's worth of television is almost like what happened in the two-parter Supernatural finale. I'm not surprised that they need to raise the stakes and that not everyone is going to survive this season, but it was so freaking unexpected with some of the deaths. Ted's demise was predictable, Thompson had what was coming to him, but DL and Linderman? For real?

Now it's going to be a real nail-biter to see who actually survives in the finale....

The Show: Glees and Squees!

¤ Hiro and his father actually communicating about his power and destiny, and being trained in martial arts to wield the sword, gain the confidence to defeat Sylar. Though there's a flaw in this, which the short amount of time that Hiro trained. He couldn't possibility have learned everything he needed to know in that long. Or perhaps there's more to Hiro than meets the eye? Still, that was a surprise to see that.

¤ Oh no, ANDO! Don't go after Sylar yourself. Very, very bad idea. If some the future events are inevitable, then if Ando dies trying to do the right thing then he would've been the hero. Since, you know, he has no superhuman power.

¤ HRG = FTW!! Seriously.

¤ "Didn't I throw you out of a window?" HEE! I love Jessica. And the interaction (or lack thereof) between her and Matt was hilarious.

¤ "What am I thinking now, Parkman?" "You're LAST thought." BANG!! BANG!!

¤ The reunion between Claire and HRG was adorable to see, even if was shortened with their time together. I liked how she acknowledges how much he'd done for her, and even says so. I wished they could've had more time with each other, but they all have their own perosnal missions, all being threatened by the same level of evil. I also liked how HRG didn't know about the Petrelli's being her family. Hee. Guess he really was middle management.

¤ Ted Sprague, Peter Petrelli, and Claire Bennet going on the road together. You know, if Ted hadn't been killed by Sylar, that would've made an interesting road trip.

¤ GAH! Sylar, you creepy motherfucker. I liked how he blends in with the crowd, though, just like another civilian, eating ice cream. Though the flipping-over-the-cop-van-and-taking-brains gig really isn't really "blending in" with the locals. But you've got to admit, Zachary Quinto does it with loads of awesome packed into his acting. His "Boom" at the end was creepy, especially when he smiled knowing what he plans on doing.

¤ I'm actually beginning to like Candice, believe it or not. I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing, but her interaction with Micah was sweet.

¤ Speaking of sweetness with children, paternal!Mohinder is just amazing. His need to protect sweet, adorable little Molly is amazingly great. I swear, Tim Kring, please have him adopt her and live happily ever after while he takes care of her well being. Lord knows she needs loads of therapy after what she's been through, and she makes him smile and be happy. I just hope that HRG doesn't shoot him (or Molly), that would be a devastating thing.

¤ Awww, Hiro is thinking that Nathan is a villain. I'm sad that their budding acquaintance has broken, all because Nathan is torn between going along with his so-called destiny or stopping the unstoppable, being the explosion. So sad, and both Nathan and Hiro looked so hurt. :(


¤ Linderman is dead. OMG Linderman is dead!?'s Malcolm fucking McDowell! *sheds tear* Seriously though, is he really dead? Because I'm remembering what he said to Nathan about how many people have tried to kill him but failed. Or perhaps it wasn't supposed to have been taken literally, that people may have wanted to shoot him but once Linderman spouted off his offers and propositions underneath his power the plans on killing him backfired. But I don't know now. Anything's possible in this universe....

¤ Peter and Claire and so cute. Just stating the obvious.

Overall: Another great episode, which leaves only one more left of the season. It's depressing really, since I've continued to watch and love this show from the beginning you'd think it wouldn't be ending so quickly. But alas, it is. I can't wait for Monday!
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