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Perseverance does not equal worthiness.

1. Joss Whedon has some comments to say about certain devastations happening in current events. This is such a powerfully written and depressing post, there are just no words. But it truly does make you think, about society and the world we live in and whether we're moving forward or backwards. Go read for yourself.

2. Multifandom review time:

Supernatural 2.23 "All Hell Breaks Loose, Part Two"

Continuation from the first half of the two-parter finale, the emotional beginning of Dean mourning and coming to terms that Sam had died. It drove a grave side to him, you can sense he's completely lost and wanting to be done with hunting. It's understandable, too. I mean, he's lost everyone he's ever cared about in his life, and the only thing he had to cling onto was his brother. Who, unfortunately, died right before him and he could do nothing about it. Sam was the last person that gave his life meaning, as he says in his speech to Sam's body that his obligation was to protect him. During childhood, throughout their years of training; he was the older brother, he had to look out for little Sammy. As they became adults the job had gotten tougher once realizing the danger that lurked, along with his promise to John if The Demon had ever gotten ahold of Sam or if Sam ever got pursued to turn onto the darker side of the fight. So everything Dean had gone through really came out, in frustration and tears. He was on a verge on an emotional breakdown.

That was when he made the deal. Selling his soul in exchange for Sam's life to be restored. Dean only gets one year before his soul gets collected. This'll be the most wreckless decision he could've made, even Bobby harshly scolded him once immediately knowing what he'd done, and it was a desperate call to make. But as I've said before, Dean cannot survive without Sam. Without him he's got nothing else to live for. I'm just glad that he doesn't have to carry that burden on his shoulders when Sam figured it out in the end and confronted him about it.

So, Ellen is alive. There's a HUGE Devil's Trap, and in a graveyard a large tomb that's the gateway opening to Hell. Literally. And the only thing that can activate it is The Colt, which the Yellow-Eyed Demon gives Jake, the "last" survivor of the special children. This is where the big action happens, and wow! It was simply mindblowing of an ending.

I'm still getting over the fact that The Demon is really, truly gone for good. This is the Demon that had killed their mother, had killed Jessica, and was their entire motivation from the beginning and had shaped them for hunting. It seems too good to be true, but I'm glad that they all worked together, with a surprise visit from John Winchester as he "climbed out of Hell" to fight side-by-side with his sons in order to finish the job. It was a family pact to kill The Demon, and they finally succeeded. Justice had been done; revenge served cold on a bloody plater. It was a bittersweet moment between them in the end. I admit to tearing up a bit at the small reunion between the Winchesters, as well as when John "ascended".

It was a satisfactory ending that leaves a lot more to be dealt with next season, like trying to stop the deal Dean made from happening, the army that was unleashed from Hell (which will probably have a roundup of hunters, at least I'm hoping), the plotline involving Sam and his supposed "darker" side and The Demon had suggested, not to mention that Dean and Sam are still labeled as criminals. It should be an interesting to explore these things, and in hoping that they can surely take themselves from the angstiness they've suffered from for so long. Of course, you just know after Dean's smirk and his line, "we've got work to do" (homage to the pilot), they're definitely going to be kicking supernatural ass and taking names more than ever before. Now that they've got the emotionally devastating issue out of the way, being killing the thing that killed destroyed their entire life, they can now focus more on the war that's about to be unleashed onto the world. Dean and Sam are going to be in it for the thrilling heroics, man!

Jensen Ackles broke my heart in this finale. I shed tears, gasped and held my breath several times. This is how you create a kickass series with a stellar finale, people. I love this show, and can't wait to see what's up next for the Winchesters.

Stargate Atlantis 3.16 "The Ark"

Another fun episode. Rodney and his antics of touching and messing with whatever he can because, well, he's Rodney McKay. He's like a kid in a toy store, just can't resist messing with things that aren't his and if he isn't careful, it might become disasterous. In this case, in activated an old station on a moon-rock that had a man's soul stored in a contraption (an ark-like object) for centuries when trying to save himself, and others, from the attacks of the Wraith. Unfortunately the technology this man had been working on for years slightly backfired (noted by Rodney, who was baffled at the low-quality of the technical equipment), and the separate ark-like machine had been missing, which would've held his family. This leads to an emotional breakdown and he commits suicide, ultimately placing the Atlantis team in danger of the moon slowing down into a dangerous orbit. This leads to Rodney going berserk, Teyla being held hostage and eventually being hauled into the ark-contraption in a deceptive attempt to save the thousands of souls of those people, and John flying an old spaceship that may malfunction.

Not much is left to say, since I've pretty much summed it up in that quick summary, although I love Ronon snapping his dislocated shoulder back into place, and him and John making a deal that if they were to be fried in that station they would fight each other to the death. I really liked Teyla's hair in this episode, 'twas very pretty. Rodney and John bickering was hilarious, as usual. Awww, John cares about Teyla.

Next episode looks fun, too. Hell, this show for me is all about the entertainment.

Painkiller Jane 1.06 "Breakdown"

I found this episode to be particularly stylish in the cinematography, from the dream sequences to how certain scenes were shot and projected onto the screen. It had this different feel, and I liked it.

Well, the team is after a supposed neuro that implants horrific images into someone's head, almost seemingly like a hallucination where they feel that they're actually experiencing whatever they're envisioning. Jane and Mo investigate and interview past victims of these peculiar attacks, all which have experienced nearly the same kind of terror or shared fear with these hallucinations. Jane and Mo then go to a hospital where another victim was a criminal who suffered the same kind of visions and breakdowns as these other people, and Jane gets some more information but not a whole lot. Until that following night where she experiences a dream in connection to what had been described by the other victims, including the same M.O. (stacking all the furniture into a specific place and shivering on the floor in fright). She suspects it's someone they came in contact with, someone they interviewed who'd gotten into her head. The doctor who introduced them to the criminal, who after immediately being caught admits to what he's done. Unfortunately, he isn't the neuro but rather protecting the real person who is, and Jane has a pretty good idea who. With some clever negotiating, he agrees to turn the girl, one of his patients, over to the team. But just as they are about to do that, the doctor has this patient give her trauamtizing memory to him, all of it. Leaving the doctor mentally unstable, and the girl free from all that emotional pain.

This was another episode I really liked. The direction and storyline of the case was interesting and had nice twists. The acting of the deep-voiced criminal was top-notch and convincing, since at first he seemed spooky and a little intimidating, Jane broke him when just describing in words what the other victims of the breakdowns had experienced. That chosen actor was incredibly talented, since it isn't easy to go from sociopathic to a vulnerable emotional wreck like that in seconds. So, he sold that scene perfectly. I like Andre, for many of the obvious reasons, but the one main reason I'd like to address is his concern over his team, especially for Jane. Having her call him in the middle of the night really says something about the level of trust they have with each other. Which leads me to another thing addressed in this episode....

Jane as a potential neuro. Now, she couldn't possibly be one of the neuros they're job description requires to go after, since those neuros have psionic abilities, mental powers. Hers is completely molecular. So my prediction is that Jane has a connection of neuro DNA, but she's not directly a neuro but something else entirely, like perhaps an evolved neuro.

I'm totally stating the obvious here, but I like that they haven't dismissed the research over what she is. I also liked that Andre doesn't want Jane to know the possibilities of her being a neuro, or that "something else" she might be. She already has enough on her mind as it is, and Andre knows this. Aww, he's protecting her, that's so sweet. Should be interesting how this plays out, with the discovery that she might have a different DNA structure, if she'd always been this way and the boundaries of trust between her and team, not to mention Andre too.

3. With the new series lineup, I'm particularly looking forward to seeing The Sarah Connor Chronicles (watch the trailer here). Partially due to having seen all the Terminator films that this has sparked an interest to see how the direction goes, and partially because it has the beautiful and talented Summer Glau and Thomas Dekker, who played Zach in Heroes. The preview for the series looks promising, better than I would've expected it to be, although because it's on FOX how long it lasts depends on its ratings, which can be a hit-or-miss. But with the success of the Terminator movies, it could a promotion for people to get to watching the show. The premise is interesting enough, and I'll definitely be tuning in.

4. The Heroes season finale is tonight. I'm exciting but sad that this'll end a perfectly good season. I just hope it's worth the hype I've been hearing.
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