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Heroes: "How To Stop An Exploding Man" Review

The Herosims: It's All Led To This....

The season finale, the moment in which we've been waiting all season long has finally arrived. All our Heroes have come together in New York for this particular purpose, to save the world from the nuclear explosion. Some will survive, some won't. Will Sylar be the bomb? Will Peter? What about the others and their involvement? Will Claire have the courage to shoot Peter if he begins to go nuclear? What is so important about this explosion anyway? This episode gives us the answers to some of these questions, plus a look into what's the come for the next volume.

Without going into massive recapping as I've previously done, I'll give a shortened review version of the episode.

Peter Petrelli tries to find a way to stop Sylar from blowing up New York while discovering the truth over how the knowledge of the explosion was prophetic, and that he is the one to save the world. Claire begins to once again doubt her uncle's plan of action, and also discovers the truth about the explosion and how neither Nathan nor her grandmother are stopping it from happening. This is where she understands who her true family really is. It appears that Nathan Petrelli has already given into accepting the explosion, when a small epiphany sets his mind straight as he realizes which path he must choose that is the right one, and not necessarily by his own mother's and the late-Linderman's plan either. Mohinder, Mr. Bennet and Matt locate Sylar with the help of Molly and, while HRG and Matt are doing their parts in tracking Sylar and Peter before the explosion, Mohinder is trying to take Molly out of New York as soon as possible. Niki comes to self-realization about her own abilities, with the help of fake!Jessica and actual!Jessica and, for the first time, begins to work with the strength found within herself to save Micah and DL, with the help of Mohinder and Molly along the way. Hiro saves Ando from Sylar, and goes off to fulfill his mission.

The ending brings everyone full-circle. Peter and Sylar face-off while the other Heroes incidentally have arrived at the same place and at the same time, most of which attempt to help Peter defeat Sylar (with not so much luck), with Hiro finally "sticking it" to Sylar, leaving him for dead on the pavement at Kirby Plaza. However, Peter can't control himself from the power of radiation and he's about to explode. But just as Claire tries to put a bullet to him, Nathan comes swooping in and takes Peter high into the sky, where the explosion happens in the clouds. Not in New York City, where millions of lives would've be sacrificed for that 0.07% of human population. The Petrelli brothers had sacrificed themselves to save the world, a true heroic act in itself. Despite this devastation, now almost all the others can return to their half-normal, slightly dysfunctional lives as they possibly can.

But this leaves a cliffhanger to what happened to Sylar's body, where a blood-trail can be seen from where his body had been, leading directly down into the sewer, where a loan cockroach is lingering about.....

This then concludes "Volume One" of Heroes, and where "Volume Two" begins where Hiro has been sent back centuries to Japan where he'll meet face-to-face with Kensei? Hmmm, and so the plot thickens.

The Characters: We're Here To Save The World...Together.

Peter and Nathan are not dead, I refuse to believe it. Sure, they flew together into the sky to avoid exploding the city, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're gone for good. Peter obviously isn't going anywhere, because he can regenerate, though the worry goes towards Nathan who basically sacrificed himself to save the world. Though I had questioned why didn't Peter just fly out of the city himself, but perhaps he couldn't focus all that energy while worrying about the other problem; or maybe he can't use two abilities at once. I also believe that Tim Kring wouldn't want to lose the Petrelli fanbase. Of course I have a theory concerning that: if Peter couldn't fly himself, perhaps Nathan flying him out himself and then letting go for Peter to explode, that would be a safe call. But it's all for speculating until the next season.

Speaking of which, Mama Petrelli is not going to be pleased about what happened.

Claire continues to be awesome. Her determination, strength and stubborn behavior, especially with the Petrelli family, was quite impressive. There's a part of me that wants her to be reunited with her biological family, but because they're so corrupted at this point I figured she was better off with Mr. Bennet, who is more family to her than they'll ever be. I liked that she's sort of the moral compass for Nathan and Peter, telling it like it is. The conversation with Peter in the car and the one to Nathan and Mama Petrelli in Nathan's office, she was outright fuming at what they refused to see. Plus, that stunt of falling out of the window to escape their clutches was beyond amazing, and so totally Claire to do something like that. She's really grown since the beginning, and just makes me love her even more.

Mr. Bennet, a.k.a. "HRG", a.k.a. Noah Bennet also is a character that I've grown to love throughout the season, and his new sense of direction for being the protective father. His actions over the passed several episodes had impressed me, and if I hadn't loved him before I sure as I would've at that point. When he was talking to Peter on the phone, his voice quivered at the thought of Claire in danger, and that really sold the performance of a father worried about his daughter's safety. Mr. Bennet truly loves and cares for Claire, and it's evident throughout the whole season; he's done everything in his power to keep her safe, and he never backs down. I liked his partnerships with the other Heroes he met along the way, particularly with Matt Parkman who finally got himself up and running in the action after being stuck in the mud for so long. Their acts of heroism for stopping Sylar (even though they never stood a chance) was nice to see. Though I'm concerned over Matt's state after getting riddled with bullets. But I'm glad that after everything they've gone through, Mr. Bennet and Claire finally are reunited together once more.

Mohinder and Molly are so darned cute together, I can't stand it. The paternal determination Mohinder displayed about looking out for Molly is adorable, and admirable too. I liked how he dealt with the intrusion of HRG and Matt, and then decided to work together to stop "the boogeyman".

Finally, some action for Niki Sanders after Jessica had partially taken over. The fight between illusion!Jessica and Niki was interesting to see, although I immediately knew it was Candice. Plus, the real Jessica in the glass shard telling her sister that it wasn't really her beating her up, and Niki at least has the courage to use the hidden strength that's been surging through her the entire time. I have some theories about that though, but that'll be for another time considering I have SO many theories based on this finale alone. Of course, who didn't love it when Niki confronted Sylar? Now that was made of awesome. And I liked it as DL, Micah, Niki and Molly were all huddled together in the end, they really did look like a family unit.

Candice Wilmer. Honestly Tim Kring, are you trying to confuse me about her? At first I was uncertain I would like the character, and then you made her interesting by adding substance and possible sympathy, and then you make her completely bitchy again. What's up with that?

However, I can rationalize why she did what she did. Candice clearly admired Mr. Linderman, as he was very affectionate and fond of her too. After finding out that Linderman was dead, and knowing that it was Niki's presence that had done it, she felt angry and needed to take care of the problem. Or perhaps Linderman had asked her to do it anyway if Niki had come to gather her son. This also puts things into perspective over the massive extent of her ability. Not only does Candice create illusions but she can also hold the same power and memories as the person she's pretending to be. Huh, that's kind of interesting.

Hiro and Ando = total BFFs, like seriously. Hiro couldn't stand losing his best friend, since after Ando had told him in the dark!future they went to he'd died while facing Sylar. Hiro hadn't wanted that to happen, so he did something about it. While reckless as it was, he did save Ando and he did, potentially, save the world by completing his mission. Sticking the sword into Sylar, just as the comic Isaac had drew. Of course, this doesn't mean that his mission is over as the second volume suggests. I think it's just beginning. Perhaps Hiro will become the Hiro we've seen in the future, just not as bleak or without the grim determination of avenging his friend's death. I truly hope so, because future!Hiro is all sorts of badass.

Sylar. Oh, Sylar. You know, for those that had missed the small details, the images of the vision he was seeing that flashed in his eye in the beginning of the episode was everything that was going to happen at the final confrontation; everything from him meeting Peter in Kirby Plaza, Peter starting to glow, Hiro gutting him, Claire running to shoot Peter, Nathan flying down to save Peter....everything. And of course, he also isn't dead as he seemed. That very last scene of his blood trail to the sewers? Yeah, totally leaving his storyline open since he's completely dangerous after all those powers he'd absorbed. At least I'm hoping so! Sylar is such a great villain, and meeting his end without a fair fight, or at least him not going out with a bang, isn't going to cut it. He's too big of a character, not to mention threat, to be killed off just yet.

End of Volume One: The Overall Effect of the Season Finale

I'm aware after reading reviews from others commenting about the finale that they were either underwhelmed or annoyed with what happened. I can honestly say I understand how it didn't meet their expectations, however while I was expecting something more concerning the Sylar and Peter standoff I wasn't disappointed with what this episode brought. It actually fulfilled my expectations of how the season should've ended.

The Peter versus Sylar showdown wasn't as huge as some thought it was going to be, however I believe the buildup for that wasn't quite the idea. Everyone I think was expecting this big action-packed confrontation between these two when really, I don't think that was the point. I feel that this entire season was filled with action-packed and climatic scenes, where the finale brought everyone together and wrapped up the storylines nicely after all that happened throughout. It's about these character's personal journeys and them discovering and accepting who they are. They all changed since the beginning, at first thinking they were alone then coming to the realization that they are part of something bigger. The final scene was about them coming together, and working together, and stopping whoever was the exploding man. There wasn't any need for a big fight between Peter and Sylar and, as I mentioned, the reason why I believe Sylar was holding back without causing more damage that he obviously could've done was because he saw everything that was going to be happened. And he probably has other plans, which is why his storyline has been left open.

I personally don't think it's mandatory for a finale to have a "big bang" of an ending to be satisfactory, it's all about quality not quantity. This was about the personal struggles of the characters, the trials and tribulations they all went through to be led to that particular moment. In the end, it's hinted that they go back to their lives, but they'll never truly be living normally as others do. As Mohinder said in the voiceover, it was all about joining together and realizing they weren't alone, they all shared something in common and it most certainly isn't the end of their journeys.

Were there some things I wished could've happened that didn't? Yes. Did I want the Peter and Sylar fight to last longer? Certainly. But overall, I'm happy with how things turned out and thought the finale was fantastic.

The Show: Glees and Squees!

¤ The overview of everything that happened over the course of the season, with the characters and how they changed and evolved from the beginning to where they ended up, combined with Mohinder's voiceover, was freaking awesome.

¤ Closeup of Sylar's eye to show what he saw in his vision, showing he knew everything that was going to happen, as seen in a frame-by-frame replay. Seriously, could they be even more clever on this show?

¤ Hee, Peter using Claire's pink phone. Sorry, but I got giddy at that moment and I don't know why.

¤ HIRO SAVES ANDO!! YAYS! *hearts them*

¤ Oh, and Sylar completely being all funny when telekinetically holding him and his expression when realizing "oh hey, I don't need my hand up for this". HEE! And his "OMG U SRS?!" about the future!seeing comic that Isaac drew, and his funnily delivered line of "now what would I want with your brain?" Loved it.

¤ Claire spatting at Peter, looking betrayed. It's interesting how during "Homecoming" she looked to him like a hero, and now she's seeing the flaws in both him and in Nathan. I liked how her character grew like that, instead of blindingly following Peter just because he saved her. I mean, I like that they have amazing chemistry damn you Kring for making them related, but she does realize that Peter's human and makes mistakes and does senseless things.

¤ Yay for biblical references in this show. Also, the cockroach appears yet again! Continuity with special meaning, you betcha!

¤ Protective paternal!Mohinder is all sorts of love. He better freaking adopt Molly dammit, either that or the Sanders family adopts her.

¤ Molly and Micah are going to be the bestest of friends. You just watch. :D

¤ "Noah" Bennet! HEE!

¤ Claire diving out of the window = AWESOME. I love Claire, like whoa. But that's already a given. ♥

¤ "Haven't I killed you before?" "Didn't take." HEE!

¤ Know what I really would've liked to have seen? Niki versus Sylar! PWNing him with the parking meter was just overall freaking awesome, but this really opens the window for a Niki versus Sylar standoff. Now THAT would be interesting to see.

¤ Speaking of which, I hope that even though Niki had a self-realization moment that doesn't mean that Jessica is gone for good. I really like their dynamic, and hopefully Jessica still emerges whenever Niki is in real serious trouble. Or perhaps they can work together. Heh, having a Jessica/Niki versus Sylar sounds like a plan to me. Someone should write this up....

¤ AWWW! Nathan saves his little brother. I got teary end at that moment.

¤ Sylar isn't gone, he's returning. Is it wrong that I just want more Zachary scenes are this deliciously brain-eating serial killer? Like seriously, I'm loving the evil arch of Sylar.

¤ "Volume Two" looks to be interesting. I HAVE A THEORY! Hiro is going to meet Kensei, who is possibly his own father (who is immortal and knew this would happen!) or his grandfather, or great-grandfather or...what-have-you, an ancestor of sorts. There are reasons why he goes to certain timelines, and I have a feeling he's about to meet his next challenge. To quote Hiro: "#@&%#!" HEE!

WHEN DOES THE SECOND SEASON START AGAIN!? I'm going through my Heroes withrdrawals already!
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