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To make a deal with the Devil.

Yesterday I went out shopping, which I bought a few things that I had no intention on buying that day. I also went to Circuit City and bought the new Gretchen Wilson album that just recently came out. There's also the freshly ripe strawberries waiting to be devoured by yours truly. Life is good, yes it is.

Although I no longer am watching LOST, I'm still keeping track on what's happening and regarding some things that have been revealed (or lack thereof at this point). I kind of have these theories about the Mystery Island:

Everyone is in limbo. I know that the creators have already debunked this theory about all the Losties being in purgatory, but it does make sense if logically nothing else works. It would explain a lot of the mysterious, or "magical", things happening on the island and why they can't escape. Perhaps the Others are those who are still stuck in purgatory with no possible way of going in either direction, that they are truly "lost" in that sense without moving onward.

Or, for something a little more realistic, they're in the Burmuda Triangle. Okay, perhaps not THE Burmuda Triangle considering the possible location of the island, but something similar to it where people are mysteriously drawn to that specific place and then disappear from the rest of the world, with no contacts or any possible way of escaping. This would explain finding more and more inhabitants on the island, including the Others, other than the plane crash survivors. This also gives a reasonable explanation on how nobody has been looking for them because they have simply disappeared. Maybe the island has some sort of magnetic field that is well hidden, but if something (ships and aircrafts alike) comes within a close enough distance it can pull them towards the island.

These are probably more than farfetched theories but, considering it's been three whole seasons and nothing has even been remotely revealed about that main mystery, not to mention they're already scheduled for three more seasons so we may not truly know the real deal until 2010, this is all I've got that makes any sort of sense to it all.

In terms of new upcoming shows, there's the Sci-Fi shows of The Sarah Connor Chronicles with Summer Glau and Bionic Woman which will have some BSG cast members guest-starring. There's also Gossip Girl that'll be airing on the CW. Now, I haven't read the series but it vaguely looks interesting, although weird since Kristen Bell will be narrating, adding the 09er!Veronica voiceover to a 09er-esque upper East Side youth society. I'm going to have to look at the schedule of these new shows and see if they clash with my others that'll be returning this fall.

But seriously, like I really need any new fandoms right now.
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