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Why am I still awake? I should be asleep in bed, but since I'm obviously not due to fandom-searching that's occupying my entire night it's time for a little meme.

Taken from mondaysabitch:

1. Do you like pulp in your orange juice?
Definitely not. I always get pulp-free, but sometimes there's still some pulp in it.

2. Do you ever visit the tanning salon?
It's not necessary. Once I step outside I'm guaranteed to automatically get tanned, granted I'm out long enough during the summer and have sun-tan lotion (15-20 minutes to show faint signs, at least). I've had only one sunburn my entire life so far, and that was many years ago when I was senseless enough to forget sunscreen. Tanning salons aren't my thing, and neither are those self-applied bronzers.

3. Orange you glad I didn't say ___________?
That is such an old and lame joke, like seriously.

4. Did you watch "The O.C."? If so, who was your favourite character?
I've never been obsessed or watched it frequently, though I have watched some episodes here and there to know who everyone is and what it's mainly about. I have to say out of all the character's, Summer was my favorite.

5. Do you like your grilled cheese made with Kraft singles (or a similar processed cheese) or real cheese?
I don't eat grilled cheese.
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