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Please. What would I want with YOUR brain?

It's official, I have developed a crush on Zachary Quinto. Over the passed several days I've been searching for anything ZQ/Sylar related and believe me, the more I found the love for him grew more and more. I don't know what it is, but his portrayal of Sylar is really compelling. He brings a lot of levels to the character and, you know the Supernatural tagline "scary just got sexy"? Well, this also applies to Sylar too, at least I think so anyway. Zachary is just adorably awesome and simply guh!worthy. So uh, yeah. Don't mind me if I start gushing from here on out.

I mean seriously. How could you not love this man and his evil alter ego? (Caution: NOT dial-up friendly)

Which reminds me that an interesting little encounter that happened over the weekend. There's apparently a Sylar look-alike at my local grocery store. According to my sister he'd been working there for some time, though it had finally dawned on us why he looked so freaking familiar. It was just a little hilarious moment the both of us had.

This brings me to the Rec of the Day!

Fic Rec: Sleep With Sylar. Save The World. PG13. Mohinder/Sylar, Matt/Bennet.
Honestly one of the best crack!fics I have read in the Heroes fandom. Now even if slash isn't your preference, it's seriously the dialogue and character interactions that creates the funny. I mean really, you can actually see this happening because the character voices are incredibly spot-on perfect, and you'll crack your shit up.
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