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Everybody lies.

Dude, they totally dismembered the Dream Team.

Foreman is undoubtfully gone, House fired Chase, and Cameron handed in her resignition. The Ducklings have parted ways, all for a ploy of the finale. And typical House does not, in his own manner, care about all that'd happened with his team when he obviously does care but doesn't want to show that he does. Wilson tried to give him the booster of not letting Foreman go by showing him the real Gregory House rather than what Foreman thinks House is. Sure, House may be an insensitive asshole and completely arrogant but there's more to him than just that. If that's all he were, Wilson wouldn't be friends with House at all. Cuddy and Wilson are baffled at House's decision to fire Chase, and I'm betting they're even more miffed that Cameron has decided to leave as well.

Everyone following so far?

This finale wasn't necessarily about the medical case itself, but rather House's decisions and his character. His decision to fire Chase was about his thought about wanting a change, Foreman was going to leave anyway and House, at first, didn't care but obviously did because Foreman is a great doctor. Cameron's decision to resign was probably because she felt it was time for a change herself, and her saying that she "learned all that she needed to" from being there was probably true. Though I have a feeling it was more personal than just that reason.

So in other words, this was all about House's "human error" concerning his team and where he stands with his relationships of those around him. It was disappointing and depressing to see all that unravel.

But, the Ducklings haven't really departed. Not officially anyway. Surely there was a limit to how long the team was going to stay together, but everyone last one of them leaving in one episode like that? Nope. It's not a definite thing. At least, I'm crossing my fingers it isn't...I just hope their storylines won't be so bland as they have been lately. Speaking of which, Cameron and Chase FINALLY have admitted their feelings, through a kiss but it's better than nothing. The whole "Tuesday" thing was cute.

I liked the filming style for this episode. Great experimental techniques, especially for a finale. Also, the scene with Wilson in surgery and House tapping into the television monitor from the other room = PRICELESS.
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