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So say we all, and a bag of peanuts.

It'll be the last voyage for Battlestar Galactica as it goes into it's fourth and final season. As saddening as this news is, I think this is a smart decision.

Ron Moore has stated that he had definite plans for a beginning, middle and end for the series, and we're finally reaching that destination point. While some shows have absolutely no pre-planning in regards to storyline developments *cough*LOST*cough*, BSG went through all the necessary places, since their entire goal was to find Earth and since they're almost there, it seems like a perfect place to end. Many shows go through as many seasons as they can until the networks announce they've been cut off, so they'll have to wrap up things only within a few episodes. But Ron Moore pretty much knew all along that this is where it would be concluded, and that's what I love about Battlestar Galactica. Great acting from an amazing cast, solid storylines, mysteries and character development, kickass musical score, and overall intelligent writing. It'll be sad to see it go, but as Ron Moore promises, it'll definitely go out with a BIG Bang, which I'm really looking forward to seeing since this show always brings in the jaw-dropping surprises.

I've been watching Supernatural due to withdrawals since there's nothing left to look forward to now that almost all my fandoms have had their finales. I just finished rewatching "All Hell Breaks Loose" again because I want to torture myself and found some things interesting:

While Sam had figured out Dean making the deal to safe his life, Sam had failed to mention to Dean what the Yellow-Eyed Demon had shown him in his dream. I mean, you'd think after all they've gone through that could've possibly be something worth mentioning, yeah? They shouldn't be keeping secrets from each other anymore, the exchange should've had Dean admitting to his selling his soul to resurrect his brother and Sam telling Dean what the YED had showed him that could explain his psychic ability. Though this leads a lot more burden for Sam now that he knows more than Dean on the subject, which could have more self-discovery for him in general, along with helping Dean get out from the deal-making. This leads me to think that the third season is going to be a personal journey for Sam. Not that the whole series isn't about the Winchester's journey, so whatever happens the burden will be shared together.

I liked that Bobby acted so fatherly towards Dean, scolding him yet comforting him at the same time, especially when calling him out on his self-loathing.
Dean: Dad brought me back, Bobby, I’m not even supposed to be here. At least this way something good can come out of it, y’know, it’s like my life can mean something.
Bobby: What? And it didn’t before? Have you got that low an opinion of yourself? Are you that screwed in the head?!
Seriously, I love Bobby. He's definitely the surogate father-figure for both Sam and Dean. I hope that both he and Ellen return next season and they all work together to fight against the Demon Army that YED had intentionally wanted to unleash. I also want Jo back, too. Now that the Roadhouse is no more (still sad and pissed about that decision, even if it raises the stakes of the danger they're in), I hope that they kind of team up with other hunters that are out there. Along with that, Dean and Sam are still fugitives and wanted by the police so that's another obstacle they have to deal with. But considering their issue is much bigger than getting in trouble with the law, they're surely get out from it.

Furthermore, I like the Samuel Colt continuation and connections. The gigantic Devil's Trap with the churches and railways connecting to each one, pinpointing and literally creating a pentagram. The gateway to Hell, and The Colt as the key to opening it. Dude, that's just freaking awesome. It makes sense, and I hope more is revealed in the next season.

Oh, and Koda Kumi's newest song/PV "FREAKY" is seriously HOT. Like, whoa.
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