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Sometimes it's better if one's head stays in the clouds.

Taken from thefridayfive, since I hadn't done it yet:

1. You're holding a dinner party and can invite three famous people from the past or present; who would they be?
This is incredibly difficult since there are dozens of famous people I'd invite, but I'd have to say specifically for a dinner party my main three would be: Harrison Ford, Morena Baccarin, and Namie Amuro.

2. You have the opportunity to question someone about something you've always wanted to know and receive a truthful answer; what would your question be?
It wouldn't be limited to one particular person, but rather a group of persons. To any individual sentenced and charged for any violent and heinous crime against humanity, whether it be domestic violence, rape, child molestation, or anything else towards others or those that they once loved. To all the Scott Petersons and Jeffrey Dahmers in the world, I would ask the simple question: "Why?" Everyone wants an explanation, no matter what the explanation is, and not just a half-assed "I don't know" either. Sometimes we don't really don't want to know, but other times the victims or family of the victims want honest answers to what was truly going through their heads that made them do what they did and what made them justify their actions by covering it up. It's a simple question that almost always doesn't get an honest answer, but if I had the chance to give each one of these individuals a truth serum I would in a heartbeat.

3. If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?
In terms of my education, I would make things much easier without going through these obstacles in order to pursue what I want to do with my life. I would also go back in time and not have slacked off during my early years of junior high/high school so I wouldn't have struggled in my graduating years in order to get into college.

4. If you could save other people's lives by completing an act that would lead to your own death, would you do it?
Depends on the situation at hand and whether or not these people mean are personally important to me. The way I see it, I wouldn't sacrifice myself for complete strangers knowing that my death wouldn't mean anything in the end; I would still attempt to save them, just using other resources and another alternative without risking my own life. However, if it were for close family and friends, I would definitely do so, no doubt about it.

5. Would you commit murder if you knew that you could get away with it?
Gee, I feel very Sylar answering this question. It wouldn't be necessary because while I greatly dislike several people in my life I wouldn't go so far as to ruthlessly killing them, even when triggered in angry. Although if I had to commit the "perfect crime" without getting caught, it would have to be towards someone who got away with doing something so incredibly unforgivable, either to me or to someone close to me. This would also have to be cleared and unpunishable not only by the law, but void of any guilt afterwards and not seen as a sinful act whatsoever towards any particular deity. Only under those circumstances would I ever do the act of murder. In addition, think of the justifications similarly done in Lady Snowblood, Female Prisoner Scorpion, Kill Bill, Oldboy, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance etc. That would be my only reason in defense of committing such an act, if only to make life more bearable.

I completely forgot to mention that Saturday was Wentworth Miller's birthday as well, same as Zachary's. Two talented and gorgeously handsome men sharing the same birthday. Who'da thunk it?
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