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Dude, you're gettin' an upgrade!

Whoa, holy LJ mainpage makeover Batman. It's certainly...interesting. Convenient yet, weird. I like that I can see who's birthday is arriving next, though.

I should probably place this stuff in my college posts, but it's very brief and I don't feel like separating it from everything else. Concerning this summer, I had decided some time ago after thinking it through that I wasn't going to take any summer classes despite wanting to get ahead of myself in certain subjects (i.e. mathematics). I'm also considering taking online courses for the fall semester as a possible alternative so I can deal with things happening in my life right now. Which is a nice option so I don't have to deal with the stresses of having to attend classes, I can just do it from home and still keep myself from having a complete meltdown by overworking.

In other news that isn't college-related, I'm listening to the cast commentaries for the Heroes episodes, and I have to say they are absolutely hilarious, and very informative too. I hope these make it onto the DVDs, or as extras or something. This is what makes this fandom so great is not only is it just purely amazing, but the cast and crew are entirely invested in the show along with the fans. I just think that's great, a very rare gem to find these days.

ETA: Dude, LJ, I know you're undergoing changing things on the site and whatever, but not giving me comment notifications? Not cool.
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