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Pain's a bitch.

Painkiller Jane 1.08 - "Friendly Fire"

I have to admit, this episode started to freak me out in the beginning. Jane in a hospital, in a coma? Riley's dead? Andre acting spiteful towards Jane? Connor being aggressive towards her? I knew they were acting strangely out-of-character, and it should've been obvious that it really wasn't them, but with these kinds of shows there's no telling what could happen. We knew that Jane had something mysterious with her DNA that looked similar to the neuros they tracked down, and if she somehow triggered by whatever this could've been the thing that would've done it. But of course, it's too soon to be doing something like that. Nevertheless, it scared me that they were all betraying Jane's trust. I was scared when Andre was acting like Jane knew things she obviously didn't know. Hell, she doesn't even understand what is happening to her physically so why in the world would she remember or know the actions she took? Andre is more sensible than that, and Jane knows this.

The nurse the sweet, and I liked that she was using her own resources to figure out what was happening, and I knew she was eventually try to help Jane out after finding out the truth behind it all. It was unfortunate that she had to die, though. I liked her. She was genuine with her concern and only wanted to help.

I was relieved that the team wasn't viciously backstabbing Jane, and especially relieved that Riley hadn't been killed off because I like him! However I still felt bad for Jane in the beginning; so much of an emotional rollarcoaster, because Andre and the rest of them are the only people she knows she could trust. Even though she mentions she has trust issues and is waiting for that day when they will betray her, I think she knows deep down that whatever strange thing is happening with her mysterious condition, she's proven herself to them and therefore has earned their trust. They'll always have her back, just as she's done for them repeatedly. I don't see them breaking up anytime soon. They are, essentially, the Neuro-Fighting Dream Team of Badassry.

Now there's more conspiracy, and exactly what did they want with Jane's bone marrow? Obviously whoever the other guy was wanted it specifically to research whatever Jane's condition is. But for what? Hmmm, and the plot thickens even more....

Although there was something that bothered me. Nearing the end, after finding out everyone that'd happened to her was all a lie, why didn't Jane ask Andre whether she was a confirmed neuro? It'd been brought up by fake!Andre and obviously, the neuro holding her there wanted to make sure she knew what she was, if that's in fact what her DNA suggests she is. But why didn't she confront the real Andre about this information? Or Seth, for that matter? She's all about wanting answers to her condition, so when she finally gets a shocking hint I'd imagine she'd be all over asking questions. However, perhaps she kind of already knows that she's in connection to neuros, but not quite the same as them. I mean, they've gone through some pretty strange shit with their neuro cases, and placing all that together she knows there's more to it than that. But, I don't know. Maybe she'll tackled that later on.

I just wanted to mention the beginning scene, with Jane, Maureen and Riley having a night out? Was the cutest thing EVER! Ah, the drunken adventures of Neuro Hunters. Gotta love it. Also, great strategizing on Jane's part, figuring out the connections that something wasn't right and playing along slyly with fake!Maureen to get the REAL team to track them down. Nicely done, I liked that.

This episode was creepy. I mean, when looking through Jane's eyes and her situation she hadn't the slightest idea what was happening to her. Suddenly she wakes up in a strange and mysterious hospital not knowing what happened that ended up there, a lapse in her memory and she's told she did something horrible. The people she trusted think of her as a traitor and an enemy, and she starts to not trust herself because of everything that's been going on with her lately, she started to become convinced that she could've actually done those things. It's understandable in her case, and that's the terrifying thing about this episode. Thankfully it was all worked out in the end, Jane being determined and strong enough to put it all together in time, but it was still creepy. Having someone do that to you? Get inside your head like that? Yeah, very emotionally traumatizing.

So yeah, this show is amazing. I'm glad it's picking up to interesting storylines, and now the theorizing can begin!

I'm currently suffering from Heroes withdrawal. This'll play out until the long hiatus has ended and the second season starts omg so freaking far away! Luckily there's my summer fandoms, which are in smaller amounts than my fall/spring fandoms but are manageable and keep me from going completely insane. But yeah, I'm on a Heroes kick right now, and am just drowning myself in everything related to it: having a marathon of S1, reading the graphic novels, listening to commentaries, looking at interviews, the TWoP section for it, fanart/fanfiction/fanvids and so on. To say that I've fallen in love with this show is an understatement. I just can't get enough!
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