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Fandomosity: TSCC, SG1, Jossverse, PKJ, Heroes

Happy birthday to the lovely morbidmuse, today of June 9th! Wishing you the best on this special day, sweetie.

-♠- River Tam Is A Cylon: Well, not quite but similar along the same lines as one. Summer Glau talks about her latest project in a recent interview, being The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Since it's not considered a spoiler anymore, Summer will be playing a protagonist Terminator that befriends the Connor family. She's so cute when she mentions that she hadn't seen any of the Terminator films, to which Joss had to mention that she completely should. I concur with his statement, and after watching them she should probably get a glimpse, if she hasn't already, of Battlestar Galactica to get more of a feel about portraying a "machine that is so human". Summer will also be back to reprise her re-occruing role in The 4400. I'm excited with the amount of success that our Ms. Glau is having, and really looking forward to seeing TSCC!

-♠- Inara Enters The Stargate...Again: Morena Baccarin will, once again, play the role of Adria in the upcoming movie Stargate: The Ark of Truth. The DVD will be available sometime in the fall.

-♠- Inara Serra, The Space Hooker: In a very interesting written essay titled "Pity She's A Whore", this author gives a somewhat one-sided look into the occupation of a Companion set upon Joss Whedon's universe of Firefly. Caution while reading though for fans, it does give off some racial issues and judgements upon the characters (i.e. repeatedly calling upon the "woman of color" issue with Inara, and calling Kaylee of "sexual innocence" which I find utterly hilarious), not to mention a lack of understanding what the overall message the universe Joss was trying to create. I have to admit it was very critical in its own way and, while I agreed with some points here and there, it's obvious the author was making judgements based off of what little we know about Inara's character because we hadn't gotten far enough in the series (and hardly anything in the movie) regarding her character's storyline. I personally prefer the analytical essay written in Finding Serenity much better detailed and explored in the lifestyle of a Companion and the roles of women and sexuality, but for anyone who wants to it is an interesting read nonetheless.

-♠- Hard To Resist, Harder To Kill: Kristanna Loken talks Painkiller Jane. It's an old article (dated back earlier this April, when the series premiered on SciFi), but interesting about her involvement and take on the show. There was also a small blurb that its been renewed for a second season, but that has yet to be confirmed by the official sources. But in order for it to be renewed, I urge others to watch Painkiller Jane, Friday nights @ 10pm on SciFi.

-♠- I Wanna Be A Superhero: For those anxiously waiting for S2 of Heroes to begin, like myself, you can pre-order The Complete First Season right now! Details on what the extras are going to be listed right here. Remember, Heroes returns this fall, September 24th! Yays!
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