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Painkiller Jane 1.09 "Trial by Fire"

Connor has been arrested for arson and murder while on a neuro hunting mission, and this false accusation is digging a deeper hole for him because of his criminal record. Andre and his team try to find ways of having Connor acquitted but since they cannot reveal anything involving their work or the existence of neuros they are having trouble finding loopholes to another possibility of proving Connor's innocence. We are confronted with two other people involved with hunting/knowing about neuros, one being Connor's attorney and the other is the man who is Andre's superior and is, unfortunately, the man who'd designed the false setup to framing Connor for those housefires and the murder. Andre is furious and confronts him about this, but his superior claims it had to be done. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't know that Andre and his team have devised a clever plan on tricking the system while still catching the neuro and saving Connor's life from being imprisoned or executed, and thankfully they do.

This is another episode I really liked (though has there been one I haven't enjoyed yet?) It focused not only on Connor's character but the lengths the team would go to protect their own, Andre especially. He's far more protective over his team than anyone realizes, not even his superior who seems to think that sacrificing Connor for the "greater cause" was the only way to save themselves from exposure. The semi-look into Connor's life and his feelings over things was neat, and the personal connections made between himself and Jane. They are, indeed, more alike than they want to think.

This also leads more questions to his character. What did his former inmate know that Andre didn't already read about on his rap sheet? What secret was so important that he risked his own life at his trial for?

Connor is a character you'd think twice about, because of his big-built figure, stubborn attitude and smartass remarks he's not exactly the kind of guy you'd want to piss off. However, as seen in some episodes, there'a another side to Connor that isn't tough or saying pigheaded remarks towards Jane or Maureen. He's a very dedicated man and while he doesn't always follow the books, he takes his job seriously. In this episode we see his kinder, gentler side when talking with Maureen and with Jane; slight emotions are shown with each interaction with them. It's obvious that Connor cares for them and the team, and it's clearly evident that Andre and the rest of them care for him too. I liked Jane's voicover when she stated that Connor was "cute, in a scary psycho sociopathic kind of way" which in Jane's world is her way of speaking affectionately towards him. It's also giving more light to her feelings about her partnership and friendship with the team, despite wanting to distance herself because of who and what she is. Perhaps that's why she and Connor are more alike in that sense.

I also liked how this episode played out, starting with Connor's trial during the middle of their neuro investigation. With most shows you'd have continuous flashbacks to what happened to present day, and it just wouldn't have worked in this setting. Also, a pyrkokinetic neuro? Awesome. This also leads more questions concerning the organization that Andre works for, and how far they'll go to protect what they do for the greater good of the world.

Next week's episode looks to be good, and it looks like we'll get a "fountain of youth" neuro storyline and more about Jane's ability. Hmmm, can't wait.

This is the reason why I love Painkiller Jane.

P.S. Cable? Please stop sucking. I'm serious, with the constant buffering and many channels having the blackscreens and "one moment please" messages it's just irritating and annoying, and disrupts my television-viewing. I've tolerated this for sometime now, but enough is enough already. Either this gets fixed, or I'm gonna hafta cut a bitch.
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