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20 June 2007 @ 08:44 pm
Not a day that goes by.  
1. First and foremost, I have to direct people to this powerfully written yet depressing and enraging post. Be forewarned though, the descriptions are highly graphic and disturbing and may not be suitable for all readers, especially those who are sensitive to the topic. Many have probably seen it already, but I'd still like to put it out there for those who've missed it. The worst thing about this is that hate crimes still exists, yet there are officials that do absolutely nothing about it and there are individuals that still think that hate crimes are nonexistent. It's just terrible.

2. Along with the seriousness, sometimes the inconsiderateness of fandom never ceases to amaze me. Like, seriously people, whatever happened to using common sense and being respectful?

3. With those out of the way, it's meme time!

Another one from hmd_tuesdays:

1. What has been the most disgusting, cringe-worthy medical scene?
I'm going to have to say the man with the swollen tongue in the episode "No Reason". It was just cringe-worthy the first time viewing it, especially once the swollen tongue rapidly began to expand. And during S3, though I forget which episode, with the S'PLODING BRAAAIINSS!! Okay, not entirely disgusting or cringe-worthy but I did a double-take and did say, "Oh, that's gross...yet impressive." To be honest, I'm used to the graphic medical cases so I'm not that disgusted with the majority of them. If I were, I wouldn't be watching it. Simple as that.

2. What has been the coolest diagnosis so far?
I wouldn't say the diagnosises in the show are defined at "cool" because most of the are real, and some are even frightening and very sad. I would say that the medical cases leading up to the diagnosis are more entertaining.

3. One cool medical fact you have learned that you wouldn’t otherwise have known without House.
Being a student who is still studying the field of anatomy and physiology, thus getting her medical facts through textbooks and schooling, I'd say that House M.D. is rather helpful in backing up certain elements to my learning. But I don't automatically sight the show as where I learned these medical details; most of what's being said on the show I can either understand or not understand when they're speaking technical procedures. Though I do get a kick out of the repeated differentiate diagnosis of "it's never Lupus" and the "cancer" diagnosis. Those never get old.

4. Have you ever come across any of the medical situations seen on the show? If so, which ones?
I've had relatives and friends who've been diagnosed with either cancer, Alzheimer's disease, Tuberculosis, Multiple Sclerosis, and a few others.

5. What is your favourite clinic patient and why?
I'm not quite sure. I've enjoyed heaps of them, though I can't say if I have a particular favorite.

4. My Memories have reached to "666", ZOMGS!!

5. I did another Namie Amuro picspam, so yay! Spreading the love for my lovely girl. And I'll say again, I'm not downloading her leaked album. I'm waiting until I buy it to do that. ♥
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what doesn't kill me better run: db: scarredcarlyinrome on June 21st, 2007 04:59 am (UTC)

Wank aside, taking flash photography during any kind of stage performance is not only rude, it's dangerous. The theater isn't being a bummer and trying to squeeze more money out of you by disallowing photography; they're protecting their actors/dancers/musicians. I'm sure, Renée, as a dancer, you appreciate this.

Renée: Namie Amuro.rogueslayer452 on June 21st, 2007 05:19 am (UTC)
I most certainly understand and appreciate it, although normally for outside performances taking pictures and videorecording is acceptable. Though with inside performances, I'm very highly appreciative that there are strict rules about anything flashing from the audience. It's highly distracting and sometimes, as a performer, you lose concentration and become self-aware. And that's not good, especially if you slip up. Believe me, if we wanted a strobe-light show we would've added it to the performance beforehand; we don't need the audience to participate.

I've had that happen to me before, once was when some inconsiderate parent/relative/whoever snuck in their cameraphone during a performance and started snapping pictures left and right. Thankfully they were escorted out, but it's just rude to do that. Proper etiquette people!