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Spread your wings and fly!

I stole this from okelay, 'cause I are teh thiefz:

1. My username is:
It's a basic combination of the two fandoms I loved at the time of creating it. The term "rogue slayer" comes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and is used to describe the character Faith, who has been and will always be my number one favorite character on the show. The second half is what any Dark Angel fan should know, being Max's last three digits of her barcode identification. This is how rogueslayer452 came to be. Although I'm thinking that sometime in the near future I may change it. Not that I haven't stopped loving those two fandoms, it's just I've grown since the time of creating that username and I feel I should upgrade to one that better suits the me of the now.

2. My journal is titled:
Currently: "Memoirs of a Dancing Diva". This is in reference to Jolin Tsai's "Dancing Diva", which I've pretty much become obsessed with. Also it regards my passion for dancing, obviously.

3. My subtitle is:
Currently: "Shall We Dance?" Also giving light to my love for dancing, though leaning towards, Hyori Lee's "Shall We Dance?". Yes, both the title and subtitle are connected to dance MVs, so sue me.

4. My friends page is called:
Currently: "There Goes The Neighborhood". Nothing of real significance other than it's a song off of Gretchen Wilson's new album that I enjoy, and it's also a saying that I keep hearing everywhere recently so I decided to use it. Of course, if you really want to get philosophical, it's a description that has multiple meanings depending on its context. In this case, my Friend List has gone "insane". *grins evilly* Before that it was "Humanity's Children" which is, of course, in reference to Battlestar Galactica.

5. My default userpic:
Currently: Billie Piper. It's a gorgeous shot, and I love the color contrast.

Rec of the Day: Jolin Tsai - DANCING DIVA (2007 Live). Speaking of lovely Jolin, here's the incredibly hot performance she recently did at the 2007 Golden Melody Awards. To which in addition, she won the biggest award for her latest album for both categories of Most Popular Female Singer and Best Mandarin Female Singer, and this performance justifies that. Don't mind the slight buffering near the end, I couldn't find a HQ version to watch online, but it's most certainly worth it.
Tags: cpop: jolin tsai
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