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Bright shiny futures are overrated, anyway.

Am I reading this correctly, that the Spice Girls are probably going to have a comeback? If this turns out to be true, I'd be squealing in delight. Seriously, I've loved them then and having a return would be absolutely wonderful. Now I know there was something some years ago about a possible comeback and they debunked it, but this seems genuine about their plans about an upcoming tour. Believe me, if this does happen, I am SO there. Girl Power, baby!

Painkiller Jane 1.10 "Portraits of Lauren Gray"

I must say, nicely done with the connection of The Picture of Dorian Gray, and it fits well with the story told in this episode. It was very captivating, less energy-burned as the previous ones but the storytelling was still engaging and leading more character exploration of Jane and the deal with her condition.

In this episode there's a case of young models mysteriously dying of old age, and that aging process isn't of any disease or genetic disorders. It all happens instantly; one second they're themselves and the next they're old. This calls upon an investigation to see what's happening from the inside, leaving Jane and Maureen to play models for the day. However Jane gets in contact with the neuro and starts to deteriorate, but because of her regenerative ability is able to recover quickly. Later she goes off to collect DNA samples from those who'd she come in contact with, only to find herself in the hands of a woman who believes that her youth and beauty are the only things she has left to substain in this world. She drugs Jane, bounds her in a secure location and treats her as, well, almost like her "pet" shall we say. Believing that her regenerating ability can allow her to steal the outward appearance of youth without killing innocent girls. During this time as the team desperately try to track down their location, Jane discovers and tests the limits to her ability, taking advantage of a theory based off what the good doctor had told her in the beginning of the episode. This allows her to trick the woman holding her captive, and finally disabling the neuro. But this leaves Jane to conclude what she is capable of, and by putting her theory into motion she managed to put two-and-two together.

Jane Vasko is, indeed, a neuro. Perhaps not like the other ones they've encountered, but maybe an evolved version of them. The doctor says that she shouldn't jump to conclusions, since while her DNA does have similarities to the neuros they catch it isn't 100% match up. But Jane seems pretty damn convinced about her condition.

As far as the actual storyline of this episode, it was pretty interesting. The message about outward appearance and beauty mattering a lot in society overpowering what's underneath the person is vastly explored here. Especially when Jane retorts viciously to the neuro who has captured her that while beauty is only skin deep, her soul has already been old and withered away into nothing. This is true; someone may look highly attractive and pretty, but it's their personality, actions and true self that shows the beauty to others. It was pretty sad though, this woman's story about how afraid she was of it and promised she wouldn't do it, but continued anyway. It was an addiction, something she couldn't pass up because it was all she'd ever known. The lesbianism undertones were playfully added (i.e. the neuro kissing Jane twice, once for her youth and the second to connect with Jane on her level, and chaining Jane up to the bed wearing what I believe to be sexy lingerie).

The ending was pretty cool, because every time the neuro used her ability to get what she wanted not only did she take the youth, but also acquired something personal from that individual girl. What she took from Jane was indeed very personal, taking in all the wounds Jane had healed because of what she was. It was freaky, but very clever. The fashion show with Jane and Maureen was entertaining, seeing how Connor and Riley reacting to the models. And it totally made sense that Maureen would be sporting the spunky metallic-blue wig.

Aww, Amanda died which is sad. It's funny considering that the charater had only appeared twice, but had to meet an unfortunate demise. She seemed nice, and someone who Jane could connect and "look after" as she stated in the beginning of the episode. Sad.

Nice episode, and looking forward to the next which I believe we see Connor kissing Jane? Hmm, interesting.

Also, The Heroes World Tour? HOLY SHIT this is going to be frakking awesome.
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