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Fandomosity: TSCC, Torchwood, Heroes, Namie Amuro

-♠- "Damn You, Joss Whedon!": There's an exclusive interview with Josh Friedman, the producer of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, as he gives an inside look at what's to be expected with this new series. On the third page, he gushes over casting Summer Glau for this particular role. Yes, there are indeed spoilers regarding the show itself, read the article at your own risk. But for those wanting to just read about Summer Glau, it's directed here and is luckily the first question asked.

-♠- From Sunnydale To Torchwood: In most recent news, it seems that James Marsters will be guest-starring on the BBC DW spinoff series Torchwood, which'll be airing sometime next year.

-♠- It's Time To Save Take Over The World!: The Heroes World Tour is an event where the cast and creators of the NBC hit-series Heroes will be traveling globally for the anticipation of the international premiere of its second season this fall, along with the release of the first season onto HD-DVD. As it's being noted, all cast members have been signed on and will be appearing on this international tour. For further information about these upcoming events, check out the official press release for more details. This is incredibly exciting news! As a fan myself I would kill, Sylar-style of course, to attend one of those. But alas, my schedule is unpredictable so there's no telling what might happen.

-♠- The Queen Has Arisen: From an Oricon poll asked which gender/age group is more likely to pick up Namie Amuro's newest album PLAY, the statistics showed that women in the twenties and thirties are more likely to pick up the album, and with men in the teens and forties. Why is the important? Because it shows proof that Namie is still holding strong way into her career without having to manuver or downplay her style to appease the polls and the audience; she has grown and matured over the years as has her music, and I think that's why people love her so much. I also have a feeling that PLAY will become highest ranked album of the summer.
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